The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nev., has become infamous after an unidentified customer suffered an actual heart attack while eating there, causing some health advocates to argue the restaurant should be closed down.

The man was in the process of deovuring a Triple Bypass Burger, made up of three half-pound patties, 12 slices of bacon and five slices of cheese, topped off with red onions, a slice of tomato and the Heart Attack Grill's special sauce.

But the Triple Bypass Burger is only one of the now-notorious items on the Las Vegas restaurant's menu.

Founded by Doctor Jon Basso, the grease-soaked establishment prides itself on a sense of humor that includes dressing waitresses as nurses, rewarding the most obese customers and deliberately serving the most unhealthy items possible.

A sign above the entrance states, Caution! This establishment is bad for your health.

But even as some call for the Heart Attack Grill to be closed for good, others are more eager than ever to try out a restaurant that brags about its nutritional pornography, or at least to find out what else is on the menu.

Let's take a closer look.

The Triple Bypass Burger is one of four options on a rather limited menu. The burgers go from a Single to a Quadruple Bypass, with the ingredients doubled every time.

A Single Bypass Burger will have one burger patty, five slices of bacon and two slices of cheese. The Quadruptle Bypass Burger, meanwhile, boasts four burger patties, eight slices of cheese and 20 strips of bacon.

Nor are these bacon slices drained of fat. The strips are deliberately unadulterated, meaning they're not drained of any cooking grease or even blotted before they're layered on the burgers.

Beyond the Heart Attack Grill's burgers, there's not much more food to offer on the menu.

The only side item besides candy (yes, candy) is an order of Flatliner Fries, French-cut french fries that have been cooked in pure lard. If customers have a sweet tooth, they can pick up novelty items like candy cigarettes.

But beverages are a whole other story. In addition to sugary sodas and energy drinks (you won't find any Diet Coke here), the Heart Attack Grill boasts a full bar complete with liquor shots like tequila or FAT Bastard wines served in four ounce syringes.

But its most notorious drink is the Butterfat Shake, which comes in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. These shakes are made from butterfat cream, and The Heart Attak Grill claims the menu item has the world's highest butterfat content of any food or beverage.

Unsurprisingly, the Heart Attack Grill does not provide calorie counts for any of its menu items. Nonetheless, several brave diners (and a few risk-taking dieters) have tried to figure out just how many calories some of these dangerous menu items contain.

Global Grind estimates that the Triple Bypass Burger that triggered the HAG customer's heart attack this week clocks in at about 6,000 calories, not including any drinks or a side of fries. estimates the Quadruple Bypass Burger boasts around 8,000-9,000 calories.

The Flatliner Fries, meanwhile, are likely to clock in at around 600-700 calories, while the Butterfat Shakes could cost diners anywhere between 1,600-3,000 calories per glass, depending on how it was made.

Those looking to explore the Heart Attack Grill precisely because a customer had a heart attack are unlikely to be detered by these figures. But for those who feel the restaurant is playing with fire, calorie counts like these are likely to add fuel to their argument.