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Getting the full New York Comic Con 2013 experience can be prohibitively expensive. New York Comic Con

Like it or not, New York Comic Con 2013 is about business. Sure, there’s the celebration of several geek subcultures, but the dark side of New York Comic Con is covered by a veil of dead presidents printed on green paper.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which outfits at this year’s New York Comic Con are simply out to get as much of your money as possible, and which are reasonable and wallet-friendly. We saw several opportunities to get photographs with and autographs by some of the biggest stars in entertainment. To put it frankly, some of the prices were respectable, while others were downright obscene.

With that in mind, here are some of the worst and best deals we found on autographs and photo ops at New York Comic Con.

For well under $100, you can get Patrick Stewart’s autograph. This is easily one of the best photo-op/autograph deals we found at New York Comic Con. Stewart will be signing autographs on Sunday, Day 4, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT.

Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart will be at New York Comic Con on Day 4. International Business Times

2. Ditto for William Shatner, whose autograph you can get for a relatively minuscule rate of $75. What is it about the “Star Trek” franchise that keeps these legends from charging incredibly high prices for a moment of their time? Perhaps they want their fans to truly live long and prosper. Shatner will be signing autographs on both Saturday and Sunday.

William Shatner
The William Shatner experience is one of the better deals we found at New York Comic Con. International Business Times

3. On the other hand, there’s Sylvester Stallone. The man may or may not be a legend in his own right, but $395 for an autograph and $445 for a photo op? No, thanks.

Sly Stallone
Rubbing elbows with Sly will cost hundreds of dollars. International Business Times

4. At this table, you have to spend a minimum for $400 to meet and get a photo op with Stan Lee.

Stan Lee
Want some face time with comic-book legend Stan Lee? It won’t come cheap. International Business Times

5. We’d rather pay to see “Aliens” 20 times before shelling out $200 to get a photo op with Sigourney Weaver or $185 for her autograph. We love “Alien” and “Aliens,” but, on Earth, we would hear ourselves scream after getting those credit-card statements at the end of the month.

Sigourney Weaver
You can get up close with Sigourney Weaver at New York Comic Con, but it’ll cost you. International Business Times

What do you think? Did you see any photo-op/autograph deals that were either ridiculously expensive or very reasonably priced? If so, please share in the comments below.