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Upwork is connecting business owners looking for skilled individuals with a global and vetted talent pool.
Upwork is connecting business owners looking for skilled individuals with a global and vetted talent pool. pexels

Through the years, cyberspace has gotten more and more interconnected. With digital tech constantly improving, billions of people across the globe are starting to depend on digital apps and online platforms for products, services, and even their livelihood.

Many businesses have undergone a digital pivot to stay afloat during the pandemic, while many people have joined the trillion-dollar freelancing industry to find more work or to work more conveniently. If you are looking to build a trusted team for your business completely online, connecting to a reliable talent pool could become quite tedious.

If you need to redesign your brand logo, develop an app, make changes to your website, or improve your online brand visibility through SEO and social media solutions; you might want to check out some of the ready-to-purchase projects created by trusted professionals on the popular freelancing website, Upwork.

The Project Catalog

Upwork focuses on connecting businesses with a growing workforce through a transparent online ecosystem aimed to upscale business growth and outreach. Upwork's Project Catalog offers a new-age interface that allows business owners to browse through countless ready-to-build projects ranging from video marketing to resume writing to app development to social media designs.

Here's how it works:

  • Use their intuitive platform's filters to narrow down on projects that align with your business requirements.
  • Click to find out more about a project and the vetted independent professional behind it. Check if they have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the task.
  • Compare multiple projects side-by-side in terms of ratings, reviews, the scope of customization, and pay rates to find a balance between quality and your business budget.
  • Customize any project to fit your exact needs before deciding on the rates and project duration upfront.

Once you proceed with a project built by an independent professional, Upwork will lock your deposit. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your money is safe and won't be transferred to the professional until you receive quality work. This also helps the freelancer understand that you'll pay as promised upon successful project completion - a really effective trust-building process over a remote medium. The professional will only be paid after you have received, reviewed, and approved the completed project.

Freelancers start work as early as the project is confirmed from your end and will stay in touch with you throughout the duration of the project to ensure that any changes or adjustments that you need will be taken care of along the way.

Check out Upwork's Project Catalog today.