A dog was electrocuted while trying to save its owner in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu Tuesday.

The dog’s owner, a farmer, was electrocuted in an attempt to resuscitate his cow that had come into contact with a power cable. His loyal dog, an Indian mongrel, also met the same fate after it pull the cable away from his master to save him.

The freak incident took place around 7.30 a.m. local time (10.30 p.m. EDT) Tuesday when 65-year-old Mokkusu had taken the cow to his farmland for grazing, the Times of India reported.

He did not notice the power cables that were snapped due to the heavy wind and rain that lashed the village the previous night. The cow came in contact with one of the cable and fell down and Mokkusu who tried reviving it also died.

Police rushed to the spot on being alerted by the villagers and the electricity board officials cut power supply. Several villagers visited the spot to see the heroic dog that attempted to save its master.

In February, a 14-year-old English Setter died while trying to save his owner from a bear attack while hiking through New Jersey’s Monkville Reservoir. A black bear spotted Pete, the dog, his owner Stephen Parisi, and other pups and attacked them out of fear, the Independent reported.

Pete took the bear head on to save his owner and the other pups. “Once I was sure they were safe, I went back and scared the bear off, but Pete was gravely injured,” Parisi said.

“The x-rays revealed some pretty bad spinal damage that would mean he could never walk again, if he survived all the surgeries,” he said adding “We decided it was best to let him go this afternoon.”

In April 2017, a dog bled to death while saving his owner from a knife-wielding attacker in the Indian city Mumbai.

Sumiti Devendra, the owner, saw a neighbor, Venkatesh Devendra, arguing with his girlfriend. Venkatesh went to his home nearby and came back with a knife. The girlfriend tried to escape him and rushed into Sumiti's house. The man barged into the house with the knife to attack his girlfriend. When Sumiti tried to push him away to protect the woman, he turned on her.

“My dog barked and charged at him. Venkatesh stabbed him,” Sumiti said adding the dog started bleeding profusely.

“I was battling loneliness after my mother’s death when Lucky (the dog) came into our lives... I named him Lucky as he was indeed very lucky for us. I have lost a family member... He was everything to me,” she said, the Hindustan Times reported.

In August 2016, a dog died saving an eight-month-old baby girl from a house fire in Maryland.

Polo, the dog, died before firefighters could reach him. The girl however, survived with burns to 19 percent of her body.

"Viviana (the child) only had burns on her side because of it, and Polo stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door,” Erika Poremski, the child’s mother said, the Independent reported.