Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her security team received an unexpected visit from a London traffic warden during her visit to the City of Westminster. Reuters

One London warden proved once and for all that no one is above receiving a parking ticket -- not even Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Over the weekend, while the former secretary of state was attending an awards ceremony at Chatham House in Central London, her vehicle received the ticket, the Daily Mail reporters. Photographer Greg Brennan captured the entire ordeal as Clinton’s security team challenged the Westminster City Council warden about the citation he was writing for the Mercedes that brought Clinton to the event.

In an interview with the Mail, Brennan detailed that the vehicle Clinton arrived in had been parked in a spot that cost £3.30 ($5) per hour. Brennan added that the unshaken warden continued to issue the citation, even as a security team member waved his arms at him and displayed his badge. Westminster City Councillor Daniel Astaire fully supports the actions of the warden.

“Despite our traffic marshal being questioned by the secret service for just doing his job, he was in the right,” he told the Daily Mail. “The former U.S. Secretary of State was parked for nearly 45 minutes without paying. I’m sure she will understand that we have to be fair to everyone, regardless of their status on the world stage.”

Astaire said that in the future, Clinton and her team can “download a parking app for her iPhone” that will inform her in real time where available parking spaces are in Westminster, and make her next visit a little less dramatic.

In total, the ticket was £80 (around $127). But if paid within 15 days, it will be reduced in half.