In a strange mixup, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stuck out at a meeting of the G20 foreign affairs ministers in Los Cabos, Mexico, this week. While the 30 other foreign secretaries and ministers wore crisp white shirts, Clinton sported a lime green blouse.

While the fashion faux pas may have left others feeling out of place, Clinton did not seem to mind. She is pictured smiling and laughing in the middle of the family photo alongside ministers from Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Canada and other G20 nations. According to the Daily Mail, however, the U.S. State Department could not find any dress code that the secretary of state missed.

The informal meeting marked the first time the G20 ministers of foreign affairs assembled together. The G20 members gathered in Mexico to discuss issues like food security, sustainable development and the growing international economy.

This has been, for our team coming from the U.S., a great opportunity to discuss matters of important - importance to the bilateral relationship with Mexico, but also to catch up on the full range of regional and global issues that concern us with our - with my colleagues, Clinton said at the G20 Meeting.

Now more than ever, foreign policy and economic policy are inseparable. Prosperity has to be a core foreign policy goal for all of us, and economic forces virtually impact every aspect of how our nations engage, she said.