When it comes to the dance drama “Hit the Floor,” trouble is always right around the corner, and International Business Times has exclusive Season 4 photos that tease exactly that.

Sure, fans can expect top-notch dance routines, hot romances and exciting characters from the James LaRosa-created series, but they’ve also come to anticipate a lot of intense drama. Though new episodes don’t begin airing on BET until July 10, these exclusive photos of the Season 4 cast show that more of what viewers love is on the way. Based on the seven deadly sins, this photo shoot gives fans a glimpse of what’s to come.

The new season — which will continue to follow the lives of the LA Devils basketball players, the Devil Girls dancers and those around them — will feature a mix of both original cast members and new ones. To kick things off, let’s start with a character everyone knows and loves: Derek Roman (McKinley Freeman).

McKinley Freeman stars as Derek Roman in “Hit the Floor” Season 4. Courtesy of BET Networks

In this solo picture of Derek, he’s back doing what he loves doing most, which is playing basketball. This season will see him once again as the star of the LA Devils, but has he learned from his past experiences to keep all drama away and focus only on the game? This next picture might have people a little concerned.

While he at least has his shirt on for this picture, Derek’s still stuck in the middle between Devil Girls newcomers, London Scott (Teyana Taylor, left) and Jamie Lawson (Kyndall Ferguson). While this could just be because they’re all part of the Devils empire, it could also be because there will be some sort of love triangle between them. If that’s the case, what happened to Derek being with Ahsha?

McKinley Freeman returns to “Hit the Floor” as Derek and is pictured with new stars Teyana Taylor (London) and Kyndall Ferguson (Jamie). Courtesy of BET Networks

Sure, we already know that actress Taylour Paige isn’t returning for the new season, but that doesn’t mean the characters couldn’t still be together, with her just off-screen. We also last saw Zero (Adam Senn) becoming the new captain of the LA Devils, but we know that that’s no longer the case because Senn is also no longer on the show. Could both of these things mean that a time jump has occurred since we last saw everyone in 2016’s summer special “Til Death Do Us Part?”

No more Zero brings us to the next photo, which features his maybe-ex, Jude (Brent Antonello), and a new guy, Noah (Kristian Kordula). This fresh character is a sideline reporter focused on all things Devils Nation, and Jude, as EVP of the Devils organization, is most definitely part of that subject matter. But, is Noah’s focus on Jude purely business or is it also pleasure?

Brent Antonello’s Jude poses with Kristian Kordula’s Noah for a “Hit the Floor” Season 4 promo picture. Courtesy of BET Networks

Things are even more complicated in that Noah-Jude world because not only does Noah report on Jude’s business, but he also works for the sports network that Lionel Davenport (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) now owns. Lionel and Jude have a long history together after she was married to his father, Oscar, and the two have begun to have each other’s backs lately.

Lionel might have more to deal with than what’s going on with her reporter and Jude, though, if this photo is any indication. She’s pictured posing with the mysterious new character Eve (Tiffany Hines), who has interesting ties to the Devils world.

With this photo, it appears that Lionel Davenport (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) and newcomer Eve (Tiffany Hines) will cross paths during this season of “Hit the Floor.” Courtesy of BET Networks

With a lot changing this season, the one person we can always count on to be 100 percent herself is returning Devil Girl Kyle Hart (Katherine Bailess). Now, captain of the dance team, Kyle will rule the squad with her southern charm, endless determination, and unapologetic humor.

Katherine Bailess brings back her character Kyle Hart for “Hit the Floor” Season 4. Courtesy of BET Networks

Be sure to see all of these characters when “Hit The Floor” Season 4 premieres on BET on July 10 at 10 p.m. EDT.