American Honda Motor Co. (HMC) has issued a recall for a series of motorcycles that are equipped with 250 and 300 cc engines for a transmission issue that could lead to a crash or injury. The recall affects about 4,000 motorcycles.

Included in the recall are the 2019 CB300R, 2018 CBR300R, 2018 CRF250L, 2018 CRF250L Rally, and 2018 and 2019 CMX300 models.

The issue with the motorcycles stems from a circlip that may detach, causing gear misalignment that could shift the transmission from neutral to gear when the engine is started. This could cause the motorcycle to unexpectedly move or seize the transmission and rear wheel when it is in motion, which could cause a crash or injury.

Honda said it will notify motorcycle owners about the recall, beginning on June 28. Dealers will replace the transmission main shaft free of charge.

Questions about the recall can be directed to Honda’s customer service at 1-866-784-1870. The recall number is KK3.

Shares of Honda stock were down 0.35 percent as of 9:27 a.m. ET on Wednesday.