On Thursday, HP Inc. announced the acquisition of PC manufacturer VoodooPC, maker of specialized gaming desktops and notebooks, however some experts contend the purchase will have little affect on HP's revenues.

The purchase validates Dell's acquisition of Alienware in March, another enthusiast brand, however VoodooPC generates less revenue than rival Alienware, which is significantly less than HP's third quarter revenue of nearly $22 billion.

We believe that Voodoo revenues are below $10mn (much smaller than Alienware) and immaterial to HP's revenue and EPS estimates, Richard Farmer of Merrill Lynch told clients.

The future prospects of high-end gaming PC's also come into question. Though the niche is more price inelastic and capable of supporting much higher average selling prices, Farmer contends that the market is still small, and may further shrink in the future.

The jury is still out on the attractiveness of the high end PC gaming market given that it is geared toward enthusiasts and growth could eventually be challenged by HD-capable consoles that sell at a fraction of the cost of a high-end gaming PC.

The acquisition is expected to close in November.