Hurricane Ignacio is expected to come close to Hawaiian Islands early next week. In this photo, dated Aug. 8, 2014, bodysurfers and boogie boarders catch waves at Sandy beach on the east side of Oahu as tropical storm Iselle passes through the Hawaiian islands, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Reuters/Hugh Gentry

Hurricane Ignacio is expected to strengthen over the weekend due to favorable warm and humid environment as it approaches the Hawaiian Islands early next week. Meanwhile, meteorologists say another hurricane, Jimena, is not far behind and could strengthen through the weekend.

Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, signed an emergency proclamation anticipating the storm Friday, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The storm is likely to gain strength in the next 48 hours and weaken before reaching Hawaii Monday, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center reportedly said.

"We understand the public is fatigued from experiencing four major approaching storms so far this season, but we urge people to take the weekend to prepare their homes and families for impacts that could be felt statewide," Doug Mayne, state emergency management administrator, said in a statement released Friday.

"Severe weather associated with Ignacio is expected, and with Jimena not far behind, we need to ready ourselves and our loved ones as much as possible with the time we have," Mayne added.

Ignacio, which was upgraded to a hurricane Wednesday night, was located about 720 miles east-southeast of Hilo, Hawaii’s largest city, as of 11 p.m. EDT Friday, according to the Weather Channel. Ignacio sustained maximum winds about 90 mph, which will potentially increase to about 110 mph by Sunday afternoon, the AP reported. The hurricane could usher in dangerous surf, winds and rain to the islands.

Meanwhile, the Weather Channel reported that Jimena is likely to intensify in the next 24 hours and could become a category 4 hurricane this weekend. However, at present it is too early to establish whether the hurricane will pose a threat to Hawaii.