The Idaho Capitol building is seen in the capital of Boise Idaho in a photo taken on Nov. 17, 2006.
Idaho's Republican Party is hosting its first caucus in 2012. IBTimes

Idaho teachers will create a human chain around the state capitol and hold a rally on Wednesday after the legislature passed a bill that will weaken their union, as similar measures are making progress in various other U.S. states.

The Idaho legislature on Tuesday passed a bill that will reduce most teachers' collective bargaining rights, and also does away with teacher tenure, with just a signature needed by governor C.L Otter needed to make it into law.

Senate Bill 1108 was passed by a vote of 48-22 in the House of Representatives after passing in the Senate. Nine Republicans voted against the bill.

The bill in Idaho represents another instance of lawmakers looking for ways to more easily reduce budget deficits. Protests in Wisconsin and Ohio have been taking place to counter efforts in those states to weaken public employee unions.

One of the main proponents of the bill in Idaho is Tom Luna, the superintendent of public instruction in the state.

It means every year, school districts and teachers' associations will sit down and begin starting over on negotiations. And it means then local school boards can adapt and change as times change, he told

The Idaho Education Association called on opponents to join them in protests on Wednesday afternoon.

IEA President Sherri Wood said on Tuesday that the voices of teachers will not be silenced.

Protests will take the form of a human chain to encircle the Capitol building, followed by a rally, according to an IEA announcement.