Recap: India continued their dominance over Pakistan in Twenty20 cricket, cruising to a five wicket victory at the Asia Cup in Bangladesh. Both sides struggled with the bat on the green Mirpur pitch but India had the calming presence of Virat Kohli, whose 49 helped guide them past a meager total of 83 with 27 balls remaining.

India had come into the contest having won five of their previous six matches with their great rivals in the 20-over format. They also had recent form in their favor, having backed up series wins over Australia and Sri Lanka by beating hosts Bangladesh to kick off the first Twenty20 Asia Cup. The benefit of, unlike their opponents, already having a match on the difficult pitch was substantial, with India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni having no hesitation on putting Pakistan into bat.

Immediately Shahid Afridi’s team, who had lost five of their last six T20 matches coming into the contest, struggled with the conditions, and India’s bowlers. Only Sarfraz Ahmed, who went for 25, looked comfortable at any stage. India again bowled well, with Hardik Pandya taking three wickets and Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuvraj Singh and Ravindra Jadeja all chipping in. But the decision-making of Pakistan’s batsmen left a lot to be desired, particularly in two calamitous run outs.

After such a collapse, Pakistan’s bowlers were left with an unenviable task to pick up the pieces. And thus they deserve much credit for briefly inspiring some doubt over the contest’s outcome. Mohammad Amir bowled a superb spell, taking three wickets for 18 runs. But neither he nor Pakistan’s other dangerous pace bowlers could dislodge Kohli before his perfectly judged 49 had done the damage. He was hugely unlucky to be given out when edging the ball onto his pads, but it ultimately mattered not as Dhoni, despite clearly having yet to recover from a back problem, came in to hit the winning runs.

India are now extremely well placed to make the Asia Cup final and go into the World Twenty20 on home soil next month as clear favorites. Pakistan, meanwhile, badly need to get off the mark against the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

Highlights from India's innings:

And Pakistan's innings:

Pakistan fall of wickets against India ιη t20... by faisalsyed091

India win by five wickets! (India 85-5 from 15.3 overs, Pakistan 83 all out)
The captain fires the winning runs for his side with a cover drive down to the boundary. India in the end chase down Pakistan’s meager total of 83 comfortably, with five wickets and 27 balls remaining. Mohammad Shami’s superb start had threatened to give Pakistan real hope, but Kohli’s exemplary innings of 49 guided India to their sixth victory over Pakistan in their seven Twenty20 meetings. India continue on maximum points from their two Asia Cup matches, while Pakistan are left with much to ponder after an opening defeat.

15th over: India 80-5 (Yuvraj 14, Dhoni 3)
Despite struggling with back spasms for the past week or so, Dhoni does come out to the crease and gets three runs with a delicate jog between the wickets. Just the four runs required for India now.

WICKET! Pandya (0) c Hafeez b Sami
Well Mohammad Sami is doing his upmost to make this a more interesting finish. Pandya’ impressive in the win over Bangladesh, goes for a duck, after getting an edge to Hafeez, who juggled the ball before grabbing it at the third attempt.

WICKET! Kohli (49) lbw b. Sami
Oh, that’s very cruel on Kohli. One run short of his 50, he's given out despite appearing to get a slight inside edge before Sami’s delivery went onto his pads. Kohli is far from happy at the decision that brings his fine innings to an end. Still, it would take something remarkable for it to alter the final outcome.

14th over: India 76-3 (Kohli 49, Yuvraj 13)
Another textbook cover drive from Kohli helps him move to within a run of his half-century and India to within eight runs of the win.

13th over: India 69-3 (Kohli 43, Yuvraj 12)
Another no ball, this time from Irfan, gives another free hit to Yuvraj. This time Yuvraj does get it away, but it goes straight to a fielder at cover to get just the one run off it. Perhaps there will be concerns about Yuvraj’s ability to hit runs going forward, but it won’t matter today. Just the 15 runs required for India now.

12th over: India 63-3 (Kohli 39, Yuvraj 11)
What a good innings this is by Kohli. Another boundary helps him move onto 39 off 40 balls. While that doesn’t sound spectacular, it’s been hugely important in testing circumstances.

11th over: India 58-3 (Kohli 34, Yuvraj 11)
Another untidy over from Wahab Riaz, featuring a no ball and a wide, but he gets away with it somewhat, conceding only the five runs.

10th over: India 53-3 (Kohli 32, Yuvraj 10)
Sami returns for his second over. Conceding just three runs would be a major success in most circumstances, but with a run-rate of only just over three required, it’s wickets Pakistan need.

9th over: India 50-3 (Kohli 29, Yuvraj 10)
Kohli has really settled into his stride now. Wahab Riaz is brought on by Shahid Afridi for his first over, but is summarily hit twice to the boundary by Kohli with a couple of expert cover drives. Yuvraj follows it up with a boundary of his own to give India 15 off the over to really take the game away from Pakistan.

8th over: India 35-3 (Kohli 18, Yuvraj 6)
To their credit, other than one slip-up, Pakistan have been incredibly sharp in the field, something they need to be with such a low total to defend. But Kohli expertly guides a ball past first slip for another boundary. Pakistan really need another wicket now.

7th over: India 29-3 (Kohli 14, Yuvraj 5)
Virat Kohli is showing his mettle here, standing up to the challenge of Amir and twice guiding the ball to the boundary. This is just the type of situation you’d expect India’s star man to thrive in. That’s Amir done with his maximum four overs, which will be some relief to India.

6th over: India 21-3 (Kohli 6 Yuvraj 5)
The giant Mohammad Irfan is continuing to cause Yuvraj concern, nipping the ball back in to the left-hander and just missing an inside edge on a couple of occasions. Yuvraj is surviving the onslaught so far, although there was just the one run off that over. The powerplay is now at an end.

5th over: India 20-3 (Kohli 6 Yuvraj 5)
Amir starts with a loose delivery, sending it bouncing high over the batsmen and wicketkeeper and all the way to the boundary. But he comes back well, getting an edge from Kohli that goes right between slip and gully. Amid the drama, there’s a moment of amusement, too, with a throw from the field catching umpire Ruchira Palliyaguruge right on the shin.

4th over: India 13-3 (Kohli 5 Yuvraj 4)
Mohammad Irfan comes on for his first over, and it’s a good one. With his last ball he beats the outside edge of Kohli to continue the pressure on India’s batsmen.

3rd over: India 9-3 (Kohli 5 Yuvraj 0)
Amir with another excellent over. He gets his third wicket to give Pakistan some real early hope. Yuvraj Singh is now in for India, and, along with Kohli, he badly needs to steady his team’s wobbling ship.

WICKET! Raina (1) c Riaz b Amir
Well, just as he was looking comfortable Sarfraz makes a poor decision to give Pakistan’s eighth wicket away. Jadeja managed to skid the ball back into the right-hander, Sarfraz played and missed and the ball careered into his middle stump.

2nd over: India 6-2 (Kohli 5 Raina 0)
A decent first over for Sami, but a slip in the field allows India an extra run, and that’s exactly the sort of error that Pakistan just can’t afford if they’re to have any chance of defending 83.

1st over: India 2-2 (Raina 0, Kohli 1)
An astonishing first over for Mohammad Amir. Two wickets off it and two other big appeals. If the crowd was subdued somewhat by that Pakistan batting collapse, they’re on the edge of their seats now. Mohammad Sami now onto bowl.

WICKET! Rahane (0) lbw b Amir
Well, well, well, do we suddenly have a real contest here. Amir repeats the trick to get India’s second opener out lbw with the ball careering back inside late.

WICKET! Sharma (0) lbw b Amir
A dream start for Pakistan! Rohit Sharma survived a big appeal with the first ball, but with the second he wasn’t so lucky. Amir gets the ball shooting back into the right-hander and beating the inside edge onto the pad. After Sharma’s superb innings against Bangladesh, that’s a big wicket for Pakistan and the ideal way to begin as they begin the unlikely challenge of defending just 83.

Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are out to begin India’s reply. Mohammad Amir with the first over for Pakistan.

Highlights from Pakistan's innings:

Pakistan all out for 83 (17.3 overs)
India may have been the clear favorites coming in and it was known that the pitch would present plenty of challenges for the batsmen, but few will surely have predicted Pakistan to collapse quite like that. Dhoni’s decision to out Pakistan into bat certainly proved a shrewd one, and all his bowlers played their part in dismissing Pakistan with still more than two overs remaining. With the way India’s batsmen have been performing, it’s a huge challenge now for Pakistan’s bowlers to make this a contest.

WICKET! Amir (1) b Pandya
It is all over now! Young Hardik Pandya finishes Pakistan off with a flourish. His second wicket in three balls comes when uprooting Mohammad Amir’s middle stump. And Pakistan are all out for just 83.

WICKET! Sami (8) c Raina b Pandya
The end is nigh for Pakistan. Pandya catches Sami out with a bouncer, with the Pakistan batsman lofting a ball high into the Mirpur sky for Raina to take a simple catch.

17th over Pakistan 83-8 (Sami 8 Amir 1)
Some rare sloppiness from India. Ashwin first gets hit for a boundary and then gives up five wides with a woeful delivery way down leg side. India won’t want to give Pakistan any extra runs and encouragement at the end of the innings here.

16th over Pakistan 71-8 (Sami 2 Amir 0)
Jadeja gets the wicket of Sarfraz, surely the last man who could have guided Pakistan to any sort of competitive total, and give sup just a single run off the over.

WICKET! Sarfraz Ahmed b. Jadeja
Well, just as he was looking comfortable Sarfraz makes a poor decision to give Pakistan’s eighth wicket away. Jadeja managed to skid the ball back into the right-hander, Sarfraz played and missed and the ball careered into his middle stump.

15th over Pakistan 70-7 (Ahmed 25, Sami 1)
Sarfraz is the first Pakistan batsman who has started to look comfortable at the crease. He hits another boundary in that over from Ashwin to keep the score ticking along. Pakistan, though, need a lot more than that in the final five overs to make this a contest.

14th over Pakistan 63-7 (Ahmed 19, Sami 1)
An all too rare boundary for Pakistan as Sarfraz Ahmed sweeps Jadeja down through third man. Sarfraz at least trying to hold Pakistan’s innings together.

13th over Pakistan 58-7 (Ahmed 14, Sami 1)
Ravichandran Ashwin surprisingly comes on for his first over after both Yuvraj and Jadeja but he’s faultless ins his first over, allowing just the two runs.

12th over Pakistan 56-7 (Ahmed 13, Sami 0)
It’s easy to focus on Pakistan’s meltdown, but huge credit has to go to India. Not only has their bowling been superb on a pitch that has admittedly offered assistance, but their fielding has been exemplary, not allowing Pakistan any room to breathe.

WICKET! Wahab (4) lbw b. Jadeja
There was much anticipation for this encounter, but this is barely a contest at all. Jadeja strikes in his first over, catching Wahab Riaz trying to sweep and getting the ball to go straight on and hit the pads plum in front of the stumps.

11th over Pakistan 51-6 (Ahmed 10, Riaz 4)
Pakistan are all over the place, repeatedly looking hesitant in their running. They’ve been badly shaken by what India have done to them, and what Pakistan have inflicted on themselves. Pandya gets in a successful third over, and now it’s time for a first spell for Jadeja.

10th over Pakistan 47-6 (Ahmed 8, Riaz 2)
Pakistan almost suffer another run out. After initially making the decision to chance a second, they opt against it and only escape because the throw went to the wrong end. Another good over from Yuvraj.

9th over Pakistan 42-6 (Ahmed 6, Riaz 0)
The good news for Pakistan is that they survived an over without losing a wicket, the bad news is that they managed just one run off Pandya’s second over. The aim for Pakistan now has to be just trying to survive for their 20 overs and give their pace attack something to bowl at.

8th over Pakistan 42-6 (Ahmed 5, Riaz 0)
Two wickets off Yuvraj’s first over and Pakistan are in full meltdown mode.

WICKET! Afridi (2) run out (Jaedeja)
Extraordinary decision by Afridi, Pakistan’s captain no less, to try and go for a second against India’s best fielder. Ravindra Jadeja scoops the ball up and makes a brilliant throw, allowing Dhoni to just sweep over the bails and leave Afridi a long way short.

WICKET! Akmal (3) lbw b. Yuvraj
Pakistan are in deep, deep trouble now. With his first ball Yuvraj Singh’s spin leaves Akmal befuddled and the ball strikes his pads plum in front of the stumps. India are rampant.

7th over: Pakistan 35-4 (Akmal 3, Ahmed 0)
The first change in the India bowling attack sees Hardik Pandya come on for Ashish Nehra and get an immediate wicket.

WICKET! Malik (4) c. Dhoni b. Pandya
Big wicket for India. In his first over Hardik Pandya continues right where Nehra and Bumrah left off. He manages to get just a little bit of movement away from right-hander Malik, who ends up reaching for the ball and edges it through to Dhoni to take a simple catch.

6th over: Pakistan 32-3 (Akmal 0, Malik 4)
Bumrah comes back for a third over, with Dhoni giving his two premium quicks a full run at Pakistan in the opening overs. Four leg-byes are all that Pakistan get off it, while Khurram went after a suicidal decision to try and go for a quick single. Umar Akmal is the next man in as Pakistan search for a foothold.

WICKET! Khurram (10) run out (Kohli)
Calamity for Pakistan. Malik hit the ball short into the ground and tried an optimistic run that didn’t count on the quick reactions of Kohli who immediately collected and threw a direct his to the non-striker’s end. Khurram was left way short and having his dropped his bat as he tried desperately to turn back.

5th over: Pakistan 28-2 (Khurram 10, Malik 4)
Moment of controversy as Nehra was certain that Khurram had gloved the ball through to Dhoni. Both he and Dhoni go up for an appeal, just waiting for the confirmation from the umpire. But, despite a clear sound on the ball’s way through, the finger didn’t go up. Still, it’s only two runs off the over.

4th over: Pakistan 26-2 (Khurram 8, Malik 4)
Bumrah has started superbly once again, and has removed Sharjeel Khan. While Shoaib Malik got off the mark with four, Pakistan have been put firmly on the back foot by Nehra and Bumrah early on.

WICKET! Sharjeel (7) c. Rahane b. Bumrah
Another big blow delivered by India. Bumrah had been hit to the boundary off his opening delivery, but responded superbly, giving Sharjeel a slower ball that he edged to Ajinkya Rahane at first slip.

3rd over: Pakistan 18-1 (Khurram 8, Sharjeel 3)
Nehra less precise in his second over and Pakistan manage to inflict their first blows. Manzoor eased the early pressure with a bludgeoning shot through midwicket for four runs, and thought he had followed it up for another boundary and would have done if not for some brilliant fielding from Ravindra Jadeja. Another fine save, this time from Bumrah saves a first boundary for Sharjeel Khan. Still, it’s 13 off the over.

2nd over: Pakistan 5-1 (Khurram 1, Sharjeel 0)
The young and exciting Jasprit Bumrah picks up right where Nehra left off, giving Manzoor headaches aplenty with the bounce and seam movement off the pitch. A big appeal for lbw is rejected his first delivery with the ball just going to clear the stumps. Bumrah doesn’t get the wicket, but does come away with a maiden over to keep the pressure firmly on Pakistan.

1st over: Pakistan 5-1 (Khurram 1, Sharjeel 0)
A dream first over for India and Ashish Nehra. The veteran started well against Bangladesh and the veteran has done so again here, getting the wicket of Mohammad Hafeez. Pakistan already need to regroup and adjust to these tricky conditions.

WICKET! Hafeez 4 (c. MS Dhoni b. Nehra)
What a start for India. Hafeez had fired a boundary off the second ball, but the movement Nehra was getting off the pitch paid near immediate dividends as Hafeez was caught out by the bounce and edged through for Dhoni to take a simple catch.

8:29 a.m. EST: Mohammad Hafeez and Sharjeel Khan are out to open the innings for Pakistan. Ashish Nehra to bolw the first over.

8:21 a.m. EST: Here’s a look at the pitch in Mirpur, which still has plenty of green, but now also some bare patches which could help India’s spinners.



8:18 a.m. EST: India have made one change to the lineup that beat Bangladesh on Wednesday. Opener Shikhar Dhawan drops out after suffering a slight injury, with Ajinkya Rahane, who was unlucky to make way in the opening game for the returning Virat Kohli, replaces him. He will have to wait to get a bat, though, with India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni winning the toss and electing to bowl first. On a green surface it’s clear that Dhoni is hoping to cause Pakistan the same early problems as India suffered in the opening overs against Bangladesh. Still Shahid Afridi counters by stating that he would have batted first anyway. Just over 10 minutes away from the first ball.

Preview: One of the greatest rivalries in all of sport will get a rare airing on Saturday when India and Pakistan square off in cricket’s 2016 Asia Cup. A breakdown in bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries in 2008 means that matches between them have been scarce in recent years. Indeed, Saturday’s match in Bangladesh will be just the fourth time they have met in nearly three years. The interest in seeing the foes do battle has far from dissipated, however. Their last match, at the 2015 World Cup, was estimated to have been watched by a billion people.

India came out on top on that occasion, as they did in the 2014 World Twenty20. It is over 20 overs that Saturday’s match will be played, as the Asia Cup moves away from the 50-over format for the first time in its 13th edition.

Pakistan have lost five of their six meetings with India in Twenty20 internationals, but will have an opportunity to reverse that record in the coming weeks, however. Not only will they go head-to-head with India on Saturday, but they will do so again at the prestigious World Twenty20, in India, next month.

Thus, Saturday’s matchup is not only key for both team’s hopes of making it into the top two of the five-team table and progressing to the final of the Asia Cup, but as key preparation for the World T20.

For India, the task will be to keep the momentum going. After a 3-0 win over Australia, in Australia, and a 2-1 home win over Sri Lanka, the side ranked No. 1 in T20 cricket kicked off the Asia Cup by comfortably beating hosts Bangladesh. Pakistan, meanwhile, have lost five of their last six matches in cricket’s shortest format. Captain Shahid Afridi, though, is banking on his pace bowlers to upset India’s in-form batting lineup on a pitch in Mirpur that has offered plenty to encourage seam bowlers thus far.

Check back here from 8:30 a.m. EST for live score updates and video highlights from the eagerly anticipated match.