Triple H, WWE
Triple H making his way down the ramp at WrestleMania 38. WWE


  • Allegedly, WWE is only considering talent who have little to no blemishes on their personal records
  • The case of Velveteen Dream may have been the cause for such a philosophy
  • There are a couple of names WWE fans should not expect to return because of it

WWE's trajectory has been pointing up since Triple H was named as the company's head of creative and eventually taking over the role of chief content officer since Vince McMahon retired.

Many former WWE stars decided to return to the company with Triple H at the helm and the reasoning behind their philosophy in signing performers has seemingly come to light.

According to Ringside News founder Steve Carrier, WWE is only considering talent who have a near-spotless record.

"Here's the rule of thumb we were given: 'If you're really talented and have little to no controversies that can hurt the company, you're on the new regime's radar,'" Carrier tweeted out.

Triple H and the rest of the creative team having placed such big importance on character over their performance inside the ring may turn out to be the smart move for the promotion as they hopefully avoid more controversy derailing their plans.

WWE fans have experienced quite a number of former performers who were extremely talented inside the ring, but they had issues hounding them the whole way, most notable of which is former NXT standout Velveteen Dream.

Dream, real name Patrick Clark, was on the rise to becoming the next big star for WWE thanks to his natural charisma that oozed out of him both on the mic and in the ring, while also being a consistently great performer.

Getting his pro wrestling start thanks to the sixth season of WWE's reality TV show Tough Enough, Dream signed a developmental deal with the company in 2015.

Carrying a gimmick inspired by the artist Prince, Dream's star continued to grow and saw him win the NXT North American Championship, the brand's midcard title, in a hard-hitting match with current Raw performer Johnny Gargano.

When he eventually dropped the title to Roderick Strong, Dream had logged 231 days as champion–the longest reign in the title's history.

During the height of the global pandemic in April 2020, Dream was accused of sending indecent images to underage boys on Instagram, but he vehemently denied such allegations.

Two months later, Dream was in the headlines again–this time for sending a sexually explicit photo to an underage girl while also being accused of inappropriate conversations and grooming underage boys.

WWE had reportedly investigated the matter but saw no wrongdoing from Dream's end, and was eventually released in May 2021.

Because of WWE's internal policy, names such as Dream, Alberto Del Rio, Ryback and the pair of Enzo Amore and Big Cass are not likely to make their return to WWE anytime soon.

With the wealth of talent WWE has brought back, this policy makes complete sense as performers like Hit Row, Dexter Lumis, Karrion Kross and Scarlett, Dakota Kai and Gargano have barely, or even never, had put the organization into a bad light.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pose for a picture with a fan ahead of a WWE show. WWE