International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day, is celebrated annually on May 1 to celebrate the working class. The day which marks the triumph of the workers’ spirit, is observed as a public holiday in many countries.

In the 19th century, workers were asked to toil for 15 hours every day. Unable to take it, the U.S. labor union demanded an eight-hour workday. From May 1, 1886, the workers went on a general strike and four days later, a labor protest rally near Haymarket Square in Chicago turned deadly after a bomb was thrown at police. This strike helped reduce the number of working hours. May 1 was eventually chosen as the day to commemorate the Haymarket Square massacre and to honor the labor movement.

Here are some wishes to share on the day that represents the hard work that the workers put in - 

  • A worker is a creator and a great asset to every nation. Happy Worker’s Day
  • The power of workers’ solidarity is the unstoppable wave that creates a change in any country. Workers rule every nation. Happy worker’s day
  • Men that live without labour live in solitary and with no dignity and true independence. Happy Labor Day
  • Labor is the ladder through which human dignity and creative excellence are expressed. Happy Labor Day
  • True liberty lies in hard work. Rest has meaning in diligence. Happy Labor Day
  • The heads that uplift human dignity carry the cross, And deserve the crown of excellence, Workers are kings of every nation. Happy Labor Day
  • Celebrate and enjoy Labour Day, Spend it in the company of our heroes, Who build our nation with their sweat. Happy Labor Day
  • I salute you on this May Day for your hard work; I celebrate you for building our nation. Happy Worker’s day
  • The man who does nothing is a true slave to idleness. Labor leads to dignified men. Happy Labor Day
  • Neither silver nor gold was the ransom for our living standard; congratulations, your sweat paid the price. Happy Labor Day
  • Fruits of your labour are like rains that fertilise the land of our productive development. Happy Labor Day

Migrant workers Migrant workers categorize crayons at a toy factory in Dongguan, Guangdong province in China on March 9, 2010. Photo: Reuters/Joe Tan