Obama Ordered Stuxnet Cyber Attack Against Iran, Initiative Code-Named ‘Olympic Games’
Code-named “Olympic Games”, the attacks were spearheaded by the US government under the Bush administration. Stuxnet targeted Siemens industrial equipment to spin hundreds of centrifuges beyond their breaking points and eventually disable Iran's nuclear efforts. Reuters

World powers have begun crunch talks with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program.

The talks between representatives of the U.S., Russia, France, Britain, Germany, China and Iran are aimed at diffusing rising tensions in the region, with Iran seeking a reprieve from crippling sanctions imposed on its energy and banking sectors.

In return, the six powers are seeking greater access to Iran's nuclear program, including visits to restricted sites and access to previously withheld material.

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told journalists ahead of Wednesday's meeting in Baghdad that any attempt to force Iran into complying with inspection demands would be futile.

The ideas fielded to us speak of the fact that the other side would like to make Baghdad a success. We hope that in a day or two we can bring good news, he said, according to the BBC.

The Baghdad talks are only the second such high-level negotiations since diplomacy was restarted in mid-April.

Iran continues to deny it is enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb, claiming it has the right to process the material under international law.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano said on Tuesday an agreement between the two sides on inspection was expected quite soon.