Iran has a “massive” number of new long-range missile launchers, its military chief said Sunday on state television. The launchers will allow Iran to “crush the enemy” with the mass launch of a cluster of surface-to-surface missiles, Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi asserted.

He did not specify the exact number of launchers and type of missile they can fire. The report follows one that Iran was accelerating its nuclear capabilities faster than expected.

Vahidi said Iran would never start a war, and did not specify who the “enemy” was, but Iran considers Israel and the United States as adversaries. Although Iran denies it, many in the West suspect Iran’s nuclear facilities are for weapons development. Israel and the U.S. have said they will not rule out a military option against Iran to keep it from getting nuclear weapons.

Iran faces a economic sanctions from Western nations. Weapons ranging from jet fighters to torpedoes and light submarines are reportedly being developed by the Iranians.