Netanyahu and Ahmedinejad
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad PA

While Israeli leaders have made threats against Iran in response to attacks on Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia, some analysts do not think that the Jewish State will necessarily take revenge for these acts.

Major General Uzi Eilam, a former director of Israel's ministry of defense, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper of Britain: There is an ongoing war of terror all over the world. Most nations are suffering and it would be wrong to react specifically.”

Eilam alleged that Israel knew of planned attacks against his diplomatic staff ahead of time and thus were able to prevent deaths.

In future we will have to be ever more watchful and more careful but revenge is not the right approach. I don't believe a strong reaction from Israel [to these attacks] is likely, he added.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran and Hezbollah (the Lebanese-based militant group that is funded and supported by the Iranians) of orchestrating both bombings.

“Iran, which is behind these attacks, is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world,” the prime minister said. “The Israeli government and its security forces will continue to work together with local security services against these terrorist actions.”

An Israeli government official told the Telegraph:

We are sure of who was responsible. As much as Israel knows this, so do other governments. Hezbollah foreign operations and Iranian covert activities work hand in hand. This is a relationship that reaches back to the 1990s. This is why the prime minister said yesterday that Iran is the largest exporter of terror in the world as they use Hezbollah as an army for their policies. This is clear and a formula we know all too well.

Iran has vociferously denied it had anything to do with either bombing.

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz speculates that the attacks in India and Georgia were likely Iran’s response to the recent deaths of nuclear scientists in Teheran – acts which the Islamic Republic blamed directly on Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak echoed Netanyahu’s charges, citing that Iran and Hezbollah are intent on sabotaging the Israeli way of life and operating against Israelis all over the world.