While a top Israeli envoy delivered his country's stance on a cease-fire agreement in Gaza to Egyptian mediators trying to seal a truce on Thursday, the Iranian president said the fighting showed Israel's continued existence in the region is not feasible.

This development emerged as the U.N. secretary-general pressed Israel and Gulf leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia to discuss the conflict.

The diplomatic push gained momentum despite competing agendas among Arab and Islamic governments, which are openly disagreeing about how to resolve — or even discuss — the conflict between Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers.

Isreali troops continue to head deeper into the densely populated city of Gaza terrifying residents and having them flee for cover. .

Witnesses and U.N. officials said Israeli shells struck the United Nations headquarters building that serves as a shelter for hundreds of people, setting it ablaze.

The Israeli push ratcheted up pressure on Hamas to accept a proposed cease-fire. It also came as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon was in Israel trying to promote a cease-fire.

Through this, the Israeli government wants a total end to Hamas' rocket launches into Israel and an arms embargo on Gaza's militant rulers.