Jeff Gordon is one of the most recognizable names on the NASCAR circuit, but that didn’t stop him from ruining an unsuspecting car salesman’s day with a hilarious prank.

Armed with a creepy goatee and a “glasses cam,” the racing star played the part of a shy amateur driver interested in buying a Chevy Camaro. Gordon’s act was enough to convince the poor salesman to suggest a test drive that he won’t soon forget. Gordon started off with a few timid maneuvers, acting as though it was his first time behind the wheel. Minutes later, he was performing donuts, making illegal lane changes and driving at a speed more suited to the Daytona 500 than a quiet suburb.

The salesman, once friendly and accommodating, was quick to tell Gordon just what he thought about his aggressive driving prank. “Oh, you’re an idiot, I’m going to kill you!,” he screamed, just seconds after unleashing a scream normally reserved for bad horror movies. It took the threat of potential legal action for Gordon to finally reveal his identity. Of course, the surprising revelation went a long way toward assuaging the salesman’s rage.

Wayne Troutman, the owner of the dealership, was in on the prank from the beginning. Pepsi contacted him with the idea in advance, even providing the souped-up 2009 Camaro that Gordon used to such terrifying effect. “They supplied the car, it was a very high performance car since they knew they would be going with some special tricks with that one,” Troutman told :Right This Minute."

The video is just the latest in Pepsi MAX’s series of “undercover athlete” viral videos. Another recent example featured Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving, who dressed up as an old man named "Uncle Drew" before dominating a pickup basketball game.

And don’t worry about the car salesman. Gordon rewarded his patience by taking him out on second (much safer) ride.