After getting into a public Twitter feud with her husband Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans was reportedly rushed to the hospital with a miscarriage.

The pregnant star of “Teen Mom 2” has been having a public meltdown on the mini-blogosphere, quoting lines from depressing songs and at one point writing, “I just wish I was happy, period.”

The stress from all the fighting and drama she’s been going through with her husband could have caused the seven-week-pregnant mother to miscarry.

Kristin Raeon, one of Evans’ friends, tweeted out to the 21-year-old reality star:

“Jenelle would rather not comment on why she was in the hospital. She is way too upset and betrayed. P.s. Courtland can go f**k himself.”

Then she added, “Jenelle girl, I love you to death, you know Im always here for you. Stay positive hun. #RealFriends #TrueFriends

The pregnant MTV star retweeted both of Raeon’s posts, with the last tweet Evans wrote for herself being, “Go on and take a bow,” most likely a reference to a Rihanna song where the singer describes being fooled by an unfaithful lover.

The starlet made sure to note that she had taken Rogers out of all her profile pictures on the mini-blog and insinuated in earlier tweets that Rogers had betrayed her.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton alleged the mother-of-one was hospitalized due to a miscarriage, but nothing has been verified yet.

Rogers also has been breaking down via Twitter, using similar methods to vent as his wife and posting a series of disparaging tweets.

He most recently wrote, “I have never felt like this before in all my life!! :( what do I doooo I need answers I need some friends to help get me threw this :(“

Then the newlywed seemed to flip flop with his emotions, posting that he “saw” his wife talking to her ex-fiancé Gary Head.

“And I am glad to know hat somebody has just sent me. A screenshot of jenelle and gary talking today ! TODAY,” he wrote.

The frantic expecting father soon went back to being worried about Evans posting, “I miss her like a million times more than anything else in the world :(“ and “So now all I can do is pray for our little angel and pray for her as well @PBandJenelley_1 sometimes life gets tuff where do I go from here?”

All of his disjointed posts were written in the past two days.

MTV has not commented on one of their biggest reality stars being rushed to the hospital.