Jerry Lawler
Jerry "The King" Lawler was cleared to wrestle after suffering a heart attack in Sept. 2012.

Jerry “The King” Lawler was cleared to wrestle and plans on returning to the ring for a match later this month, but many are questioning his decision.

Wrestling legend Lawler suffered a heart attack on air during the Sept. 10, 2012 episode of “Monday Night Raw.” After decades wrestling for regional organizations as well as the WWE, he has retired from being a full-time wrestler and serves as a commentator on the wrestling organization’s flagship show.

Despite the heart attack, the 63-year-old Lawler has been cleared to wrestle and plans on returning to action, reports Yahoo Sports. Lawler will be teaming up with a fellow legend, 72-year-old Dory Funk Jr., for a May 25 match for the !Bang! wrestling organization.

To set up storylines, Lawler has gotten physical and has returned to action, most recently in the months prior to his heart attack, with an appearance at the 2012 Royal Rumble as well as matches with Daniel Bryan and with fellow commentator Michael Cole. Lawler would also get into physical altercations with other WWE wrestlers, including former champion C.M. Punk.

Lawler suffered the heart attack after competing in a match with Randy Orton and needed emergency treatment at the Bell Centre in Montreal. WWE’s doctor at ringside, Dr. Michael J. Sampson, performed CPR and Lawler was rushed to a local hospital.

Lawler would return to his “Monday Night Raw” commentating duties on Nov. 12, 2012.

Speaking about his return, Lawler told WMC-TV he has changed his diet and has started exercising, something he never did as a full-time wrestler. Lawler also cut back on fried chicken, his favorite food that he ate five times a week, as well as candy and other sugary goods.

Lawler said he was incredibly lucky and the cardiac arrest left no scar tissue or damage to his heart, but he was depressed following the life-threatening event. Speaking to WMC-TV, Lawler said “I certainly do miss the wrestling and I do want to go back and do it some more.”

Naturally, people are questioning Lawler’s decision to return to wrestling action and Marcus Vanderberg was skeptical that WWE would do the right thing and not have him wrestle again. Chances are, if things go right during his !Bang! appearance, Lawler may very well have one more WWE match.