Joe Biden
Joe Biden gets some star power help to promote from some YouTube celebrities. Reuters

It looks like The White House is turning to YouTube star power in order to plug its health insurance website. Vice President Joe Biden appeared in a recent video from The Gregory Brothers to promote Valentine’s Day, but really to get people to sign up for health insurance.

The video, titled “First Kiss Today,” opens with Biden wishing the audience a happy Valentine’s Day while sitting in between two members of the Gregory Brothers, who are mostly known for their hit videos in which they make surprisingly catchy auto tune tracks out of politicians and other public figures comments in the news. “First Kiss Today” uses the footage from another YouTube video in which a young boy named Griffin describes his very first kiss.

In classic “Gregory Brothers” fashion, the video is re-cut and remixed into a fun dance-worthy tune that should get even the most cold-hearted Valentine’s Day hater to tap his or her foot and smile. But the laughs stop for many once the song is over, and Biden and one of the Brothers return for a very transparent plug for

“Your health and well-being is the best gift you can give your parents or anyone else who loves you out there, so go check out today and pick a plan that’s best fit for you,” Biden says. “I think you’re gonna find its more affordable than your cell phone bill.”

The two remind us that the deadline to sign up at is Feb. 15. After the vice president finishes his plug, his video's co-star tries to bring things back to funny with a one-liner.

“It’s a really good gift because it’s like you’re saying ‘I love you babe, I’m not gonna drop a huge hospital bill on you.’”

As The Blaze points out, some fans of the Gregory Brothers were upset about the comedic team’s involvement in the ad promoting the Obama administration's health care website. It’s worth mentioning that the comedy team seems to only be lending two of their faces to the video and nothing more. The video does not appear on their website or their official YouTube page, (although a behind-the-scenes video of them with Biden does show up there).

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