President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden drew attention Sunday for attending church services at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the seaside town of St. Ives, England.

Some attendees said they were left “gobsmacked” when they saw the Bidens enter the church. The Bidens are in Cornwall, England, for the eight-day Group of Seven summit. 

“I think gobsmacked is probably a very true word,” said attendee Annie FitzPatrick, according to the Associated Press. 

“It’s quite amazing, we went into the church and they took some details from us and I thought this is a bit unusual.

“About 10 minutes into the service the doors opened up and President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden walked in and just sat in the pew just across from me.”

Another church attendee, Gayle Wood, reportedly said Joe Biden made a “very generous donation” to the church before leaving.

Joe Biden, the first Roman Catholic president since John F. Kennedy, has long been a regular churchgoer. He has said that his faith is consistent with his political views. In her youth, Jill Biden would attend a Presbyterian Church with her grandmother but has often joined her husband for Catholic services in Delaware.

“When Joe Biden seeks to inspire or comfort, he turns to his faith. His speeches are woven with references to God, biblical language, or the pope," an NPR report noted in September 2020.