A pair of life coaches who hosted a self-empowerment radio show called “The Pursuit of Happiness” killed themselves on Monday in an apparently suicide pact, police said.

John Littig, a 48-year-old motivational speaker, and Lynne Rosen, his 46-year-old common-law psychotherapist wife, were found dead together in their Brooklyn apartment, CNN reports. The couple, both of whom are life coaches, were found with plastic bags placed over their heads, along with a tube attached to a canister of helium, police said Thursday.

Brooklyn building manager Hasan Boztepe, 51, was the first person to discover the couple, CNN reports. Boztepe said that he smelled a strong odor emanating from Littig and Rosen’s apartment on Monday morning.

When the couple failed to respond to his knocks, the manager broke down the door and made a grisly discovery. Littig and Rosen were found sitting together on a couch, holding hands, CNN reports. A helium canister with an open valve sat nearby.

Boztepe also discovered a pair of suicide notes, apparently written by Littig and Rosen, CNN reports. According to the manager, Littig’s note stated: “I can’t take it anymore, my wife is in too much pain.”

The building manager was understandably distraught over his tenants’ tragic suicide pact. “I was shocked. I am still in shock. I feel so bad for these people,” Boztepe told CNN.

Boztepe said that he knew the couple personally and had recently stopped by their apartment to fix something for Littig. "He walked me to the door and said 'thank you very much.' He was a very nice guy -- and a couple of days later, this,” Boztepe said.

Littig and Rosen’s hour-long radio show, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” aired on WBAI-99.5 FM every other Thursday. According to their website, the show focused on “personal development, growth and creativity.”

"RIP Lynne Rosen + John Littig. Partners on air and in life," the radio station posted Thursday on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

In addition to their radio show, Littig and Rosen also ran a life coaching consulting company, CNN reports. The company, Why Not Now, offered services “designed to help foster and encourage your inner strengths” and “put you confidently on the path to designing the life you’ve always wanted to live,” according to its website.