Scientology has a huge celebrity following, with the likes of actors Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jada Pinkett Smith being its members for years. 

The former daughter-in-law of Placido, legendary opera singer Sam Domingo, who has been a Scientologist for 22-years made a startling revelation that Travolta had tried to resurrect his 16-year-old son Jett in January 2009 after he suffered a seizure.

Domingo, according to Fox News, said that the Saturday Night Fever actor had attempted to command Jett’s spirit, known as a Thetan in Scientology, back into the body while they were in the ambulance headed to the hospital.

She explained that Scientologists believe the spirit Thetan doesn’t pick up a body until birth. “If you lose a baby before its born, then its just an empty shell, nothing to worry about. Its the same with death. To them once your body is of no use, your Thetan can just go out and pick up a new body and carry on right where you left off,” Domingo, former member of Scientology, said.

“John Travolta did a bring back to life assist while Jett was in the ambulance, its where you order the Thetan to get back into the body, saying ‘I command you to get into the body now’. This is meant to raise them back to life,” she futher explained.

Domingo also said that Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston had received counselling from the Scientologists. She added that Preston fell pregnant during the counselling period, with son Ben who was born over a year and half after Jett’s passing away, and it was obvious that she would believe that Ben was the reincarnation of Jett. “When you lose a child in Scientology, you believe that the spirit, Thetan has left that physical body and will find another one,” Domingo explained.

However, the Church of Scientology has denied Domingo’s revelations. In an official statement, the church said that she has been making false claims about Scientology religion for a decade.