• Former UFC champ Jon Jones has officially vacated his UFC light heavyweight title
  • Jones says Dominick Reyes will end up like Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson if they ever had a rematch
  • UFC boss Dana White hinted that Jones will return to fight at the heavyweight division

After officially vacating his UFC light heavyweight title, Jon “Bones” Jones is confident that Dominick Reyes would also end up like two of his toughest UFC rivals, Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson, if they ever had a rematch.

Top light heavyweight contender Reyes managed to last five rounds against Jones at UFC 247 in February. Some believe that the former should have been declared the winner after handing the then-UFC champ one of the toughest fights of his career.

Due to Reyes’ notable performance against Jones, fans began considering the possibility that “The Devastator” could soon become the UFC light heavyweight champ. However, Jones insisted that no matter how close the first fight was, Reyes will only prove that “he was just like the rest” after a possible rematch.

The 33-year-old even made a reference to Gustafsson, one of his few past opponents who survived five rounds against him in the UFC, suggesting a more decisive win against Reyes should they ever meet inside the octagon again.

“Reminds me of when I fought Gus [Gustafsson],” Jones replied to a Twitter user asking if he would be interested in a rematch with Reyes. “Did great against me, became really famous and then [in] time was able to prove he was just like the rest.”

Jones also reminded his fans about his “ability to evolve” after a close fight by referring to his ultimate UFC rival and former two-division champ, Cormier. According to Jones, his two title fights against Cormier will also prove that he always dominates his opponents during rematches.

“Let’s not forget the second DC [Cormier] fight and he’s arguably one of the best ever,” Jones added.

The entire MMA community was shocked when Jones confirmed that he has already vacated his UFC light heavyweight title, which he defended against 12 contenders since claiming it in 2011.

Reyes was one of the UFC fighters who publicly reacted to Jones’ untimely UFC departure. The current number 1 UFC light heavyweight contender replied to Jones’ confirmation on social media, writing, “I'll catch you later JB.”

Despite being involved in a series of controversies in and outside the UFC, Jones managed to still maintain an undefeated UFC title record. His latest rift with the promotion was primarily about being underpaid despite generating large profits from an array of money-generating title fights in the past decade.

However, UFC president Dana White remains open to Jones’ possible return and even hinted that he would “possibly fight at heavyweight.”

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Jon Jones was dropped from UFC 200's main event after testing positive for a banned substance. Getty