Kate Middleton had a specific reaction to bullying as a child. She is pictured during a visit to Ballymena in Northern Ireland on Feb. 28, 2019. Jeff J Mitchell/AFP/Getty Images

She may be one of the most admired and famous women in the world these days, but there was a time where Kate Middleton was reportedly the victim of school bullies.

According to the book, “Kate: A Biography,” the future Duchess of Cambridge’s time at Downe House was unhappy, with biographer Marcia Moody writing that she had actually left the school midway through the year to instead attend Marlborough College.

“It was a huge shock for Kate,” Moody wrote of the time. “They called her names, stole her books and when she sat down for lunch they would get up and move.”

Middleton eventually left the school for Marlborough, where she reportedly found a new level of confidence and even developed a “mischievous” streak that included allegedly even being known for flashing her rear end out her window towards boys.

However, the bullying did also have another positive effect on the Duchess’ life, as it influenced her when it came to her and Prince William supporting anti-bullying charities.

“She lent her support to those who have been through similar experiences when she and William selected the charity Beatbullying to be one of the organizations their wedding donations would benefit from,” Moody wrote. “Kate and William had chosen each charity because it had resonance with them and reflected issues in which they were both particularly interested.”