Kawhi Leonard has been advised to avoid a union with potentially, the most wanted free agent, LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers and instead look at joining one of the Boston Celtics or the Philadelphia 76ers.

James has an option to opt-out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and become a free agent this off-season and it looks highly likely he will exercise his option and spark a scramble for his signature.

There have been as many as seven teams vying for his services with the Celtics, the Houston Rockets and the Lakers among his admirers. Recent reports are suggesting the Lakers are favorite to land him this summer.

The Staples Center-based franchise are looking to add proven quality to their young roster that includes some quality players and have the cap to add two top earning players. James, however, is unlikely to join a team, which is going to rely entirely on him, similar to the situation at the Cavaliers and has indicated he wants other players on his level to be part of his next team.

This has given rise to talks about the Lakers potentially making a move for Leonard, who, according to reports has asked his current employers, the San Antonio Spurs for a trade. The two-time NBA defensive player of the year will be in high demand if his wish is granted.

Leonard was linked with the Celtics earlier in the year and NBA insider Chris Broussard has urged him to consider joining Kyrie Irving at the TD Garden in Boston instead of James at the Staples Center. Another team suggested is the Philadelphia 76ers, who have some of the best young players in the league at the moment in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Irving quit the Cavaliers after playing in the shadow of James for four years, and Broussard cites the same example while advising Leonard to either join the Celtics or the 76ers if he leaves the Spurs during the off-season.

“I get wanting to be in LA, wanting to be at home, you’re from here. But man, I think Boston and Philly are both better options,” Broussard said, as quoted by the Express. “I know his uncle who is advising him, Dennis Robertson, is close with Kyrie’s dad.”

“I have no idea how Kawhi feels about playing with LeBron but I know that his uncle has heard whatever horror stories Kyrie had that led him to want out of Cleveland, Denis Robertson has heard. … I don’t know how that affects Kawhi or even Dennis, whether he would want him to play with LeBron, but I know he has heard those stories,” he added.

“If Kawhi and Kyrie are tight and I don’t know that they are not, why in the world wouldn’t you stay in Boston and build something there? You’re in the East, you’d be the favorites, even with Philadelphia you’d be the favorites for the next several years, you’ve got a great organization, and I think he needs to look there.

“Philly too, if he went to Philly he would be the veteran they need. He would be the first or second scoring option and he could be viewed as the guy that gets them over the top,” Broussard said.