New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony got so heated over his verbal fight with Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett after Monday night’s game that Melo waited for KG at the Celtics team bus.

What exactly did Garnett say to Anthony that the two almost came to blows? Reportedly, KG said Melo’s wife, LaLa Vasquez, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” an item posted on Black Sports Online has claimed.

Did KG really say LaLa “tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios?” Tape of the confrontation is inconclusive, and no other media outlet has reported that Garnett made the dig at Anthony’s wife.

Yet, the Twitterverse still erupted over the rumors. “Honey Nut Cheerios” was trending on the micro-blogging site on Tuesday.

Bill Simmons, editor-in-chief of, referred to the Black Sports Online story when he tweeted, “my wife tastes like Frosted Flakes." Originally, Simmons did not provide any context for his tweet.

“PS – that last tweet was a joke off this absolutely ridiculous and possibly who knows if it’s true story,” Simmons wrote, offering a link to the Black Sports Online report.

Boston Celtics fan website also tweeted about the subject with a post that was retweeted more than 1,100 times.

“The rumor is that KG told 'Melo that his wife LaLa tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. Has anyone confirmed this? What LaLa tastes like that is,” the Twitter account quipped.

Anthony and Garnett were jostling for position in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s Knicks-Celtics game, and they had to be separated after words were exchanged between the two superstars. KG and Melo were given technical fouls for their behavior.

Anthony then walked out of the Madison Square Garden tunnel used by opposing teams and reportedly shouted at the Boston locker room before waiting for Garnett near the Celtics team bus. MSG security and police officers were called in to diffuse the situation, ESPN reported.

Knicks superstar Amar’e Stoudemire would not say what KG told Melo, but hinted that the comment was harsh.

"It was more just talk," Stoudemire told ESPN. "More talk more than anything. Words are pretty sharp, so when you say certain things, it gets under your skin and it gets you a little angry. And that happens to the best of us. We've got to make sure that we keep our composure and see if we can beat a team like Boston."

Garnett was mum over what he said to Anthony.

"Listen, heat of the battle, man, guys throw back and forth," Garnett said, according to ESPN. "He's trying to get his team to go; I'm trying to get my team to go. Both teams are colliding. Not to mention that it's the Knicks and the Celtics. Just what it is."

The Knicks lost to the Celtics, 102-96.