As North Korea continues to send new threats toward the United States and South Korea, Kim Jong-Un is thanking supporters by sending them autographed letters. The Kim Jong-Un autographs were in response to letters that supported North Korea’s efforts to “achieve a final victory in the confrontation with the U.S.”

The state-run Korean Central News Agency is reporting that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un sent signed letters of support to teachers, students, government workers and children for their correspondences regarding the recent war efforts by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Among those who received autographs from Kim Jong-Un are An Ho Chun and Ko Pong Chun. They were thanked for their efforts during the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers' Party of Korea. Miners from the Third Tunneling Workteam of Pit 9 and the Jikdong Youth Coal Mine also received autographs from North Korea’s leader.

Kang Dok Sun was given an autographed letter for his patriotic efforts as he donated food to North Korea while “encouraging them to keep to the road of assisting the army and displaying patriotism.” Several students and children were given autographs as a sign of support that show Kim Jong-Un’s “loving care and best wishes to see them grow up to be talents of the country.”

According to KCNA, Kim Jong-Un received letters from across North Korea wishing him good health while he confronts the United States and South Korea. For North Korea, Kim Jong-Un “represents the destiny of all Koreans and everything concerning their life and happiness, for the bright tomorrow of [the] eternally prospering Korea of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, reflecting the unanimous desire of all people of the country.”

While KCNA reports acts of charity by Kim Jong-Un, North Korea continues to escalate its threats toward the U.S. and South Korea. In the past week, North Korea pulled workers from the economic border it shares with South Korea and warned foreign embassies of a possible imminent attack. It also moved its missiles to strategic locations on the East Coast. One expert believes there is a 70 percent chance of war.

On Thursday North Korea ramped up its propaganda efforts by stating it had a powerful missile that was on standby, the Associated Press reported. There was no further explanation in regard to North Korea’s claims of having a “powerful striking means” ready for launch, but defense experts in South Korea and the United States believe the DPPRK could test a medium-range missile as the nation celebrates the one-year anniversary of Kim Jong-Un’s appointment as leader.

Any attempts by North Korea to test a medium-range missile capable of hitting the U.S. territory of Guam would be a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the A.P. noted. Experts believe that North Korea will not do anything that would start a war but believe there could be a chance of small-scale fighting that could lead to a larger conflict.

United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said on Wednesday, “North Korea has been, with its bellicose rhetoric, with its actions ... skating very close to a dangerous line.” In response to North Korea’s threats, South Korea, Japan and the U.S. have deployed military equipment, including naval destroyers and missile interceptors, as a precautionary measure, according to the A.P.