North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has opted for a bizarre policy to give his country a facelift — employing glamorous female traffic police officers — according to recent reports.

The Pyongyang policewomen are reportedly picked by the leader himself and have garnered a cult following, also boasting of a website dedicated to them. is a fan site that features pictures and videos of the girls, along with a special Pyongyang Traffic Girl of the Month.

The website — which allows fans from all over to purchase custom-made calendars as well — also allows users to rate the Traffic Girl of the Month. However, the job is reportedly held in high esteem in the East Asian country, with only the best being hired.

According to the website, the female policewomen have different uniforms for different times of the year and recently they have been captured wearing boots and army-style fur hats with blue double-breasted jackets. The women have to be unmarried, attractive, healthy and at least 5ft 4in tall, between the ages of 16 and 26 to be eligible for the job. They also have to be graduates from a high school.

The Daily Star reported that there may be a reason behind Kim’s special treatment of the traffic officers. Three years ago, a mysterious incident related to the dictator and traffic cops came to light after a traffic officer was awarded the Hero of the Republic award. According to speculation, she was responsible for saving Kim’s life, in what could have been a car accident or an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

However, there was no official declaration regarding this.

The traffic officers — reportedly the tallest and best looking women — can be seen on almost 50 posts across the city overseeing North Korea’s traffic crime.