Upon first viewing the cover of W where "Breaking Dawn"'s Kristen Stewart is dolled up in a Gucci silk chiffon gown and pounds of make-up, you find it hard to believe that it is even her.

She is in a 60's glam-themed look. Her hair is teased and blown out into a bouffant. Her eyes are winged in black and her lips are nude with dark eyebrows.

Kristen Stewart is often criticized for her lazy, often under-dressed look. Some fans like her casual nature, while others hate it. Perhaps this put together look with prove to the world that the 21 year-old star does clean up well.

"Stewart brings a certain sexiness to her sullen stares," the Daily mail said. Her moody face and smoking eyes are definitely alluring.

Below is an interview with Kristen Stewart as she talks about her shoot with W and her time on "Breaking Dawn"!

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