Kobe Bryant thinks the Lakers will win the series against the Mavericks even though they are down 0-3. He doesn't mind people thinking of him as crazy. However, no team in the history of the NBA has comeback from 0-3 deficit and won the series. The Lakers are the 99th NBA team to be down 3-0. Each of the previous 98 lost the series.

On the other hand, the Mavericks are known for blowing the lead and losing the series to various teams. ( e.g. Dwywade's Miami in 2006 Finals).

The Lakers feel they have a bit of an advantage with Ron Artest returning from his one-game suspension. (For hitting J.J. Barea on the Face in game 3).

Lakers need more than a miracle to pull this off and will need a solid performance from Gasol on the offensive end.

Game 4 will be held in Dallas at 3:30 pm ET.