Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong had an uncomfortable encounter with Tyler Hamilton over the weekend. Reuters

Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, in the midst of a doping investigation, happened to run into Tyler Hamilton over the weekend.

This is the same Hamilton who is the former teammate of Armstrong and appeared on 60 minutes to accuse Armstrong of doping during his career.

Among the accusations that Hamilton made was the Armstrong used EPO, a banned blood booster, that his team encouraged the use of doping among its riders, and that a positive doping test was covered up.

Armstrong, in turn, shot back at the credibility of Tyler Hamilton accusing him as a liar, calling into question Hamilton's entire career, and for duping CBS and 60 Minutes.

According to The Outside Blog, over the weekend, Hamilton went to dinner with friends at a restaurant Armstrong frequents regularly.

Hamilton thought that Armstrong was out of town, so was safe to go to the restaurant. However, when Hamilton walked out of the restroom, Armstrong was right there, arm blocking Hamilton's path.

He wanted to get into it, Hamilton told The Outside Blog. I was like, 'Let's step outside and talk away from the crowd, but he wouldn't. He said, 'No one cares.'

Hamilton then claims that Armstrong began to berate him.

When asked about the incident, Armstrong had a much different story. Armstrong said, I said, 'Hey, what's up?' It was certainly awkward for both of us. It was truly uneventful.

Since the restaurant's owner was a friend of Armstrong, Hamilton was allowed to finish his meal but told he was not permitted back a second time.

It was certainly an awkward, uncomfortable situation for both former cyclists as it was the first time they had spoken since the 60 minutes broadcast.

As Hamilton put it, he was rattled by the incident.