Kelly Hall, Lindsey Duke
Matt Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall (right) and Blake Bortles' girlfriend Lindsey Duke met while on vacation and posed for several pictures while wearing bikinis. Instagram/Kelly Hall

Two of the football world’s most famous WAGs spent the weekend partying together on a cruise ship.

Kelly Hall, the girlfriend of Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford, and Lindsey Duke, the girlfriend of NFL draft prospect Blake Bortles, are now friends, Larry Brown Sports reports. The pair met while vacationing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Duke recently posted a bikini picture from her vacation in Cozumel, Mexico, while Hall seems to have been traveling with her family. It’s unclear how the famous WAGs met, but it didn’t take long for them to pose for several photos together.

“Got to meet a new friend on the cruise,” Hall captioned one of the photos on her Instagram account. “Wishing [Duke] and her man all the luck in the upcoming draft!”

As the franchise quarterback for the Lions, Stafford is already one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. Bortles just left the University of Central Florida this winter, but is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft; some mock drafts have suggested that he’ll be the first player selected.

Duke has also garnered her share of headlines. In February, Bortles revealed that several NFL scouts had asked him “awkward” questions about his girlfriend, who also happens to be a successful model and social media sensation.

“’If we come to town, will she be there for dinner?’ and stuff like that,” Bortles said. “They knew [about Duke] going into the meeting and I think that was kind of their angle to see how I reacted to that. It was alright. It was all stuff I had heard before.”

Stafford’s girlfriend has occasionally been in the news as well. In December, the former University of Georgia cheerleader defended her college sweetheart from Twitter trolls in the wake of a poor performance by the Lions.

In any event, considering the status of their boyfriends as NFL quarterbacks and their own newfound celebrity on the Internet, Duke and Hall could be well on their way to a beautiful friendship.