• Experts from La Liga and Argentina slammed the comparisons of Lionel Messi to Luka Romero
  • Messi and Romero undeniably have a lot in common
  • Experts believe it could be a burden for Romero to be compared to Messi

A LaLiga expert and an Argentina youth team coordinator both dismissed the idea of comparing Lionel Messi to Mallorca rising star Luka Romero.

Mallorca’s wonderkid Romero made headlines after breaking an 80-year-old La Liga record and becoming the youngest player to ever play in the league. Since then, Romero has become a hot topic as comparisons with Barcelona superstar Messi started to rise.

Undeniably, Messi and Romero indeed have a lot of things in common. Both players are left-footed and wear the number 10 on their shirts. And while Romero made his debut in the under 15 South American championship in Paraguay last year, Messi did so on Aug. 17, 2005 in a friendly match against Hungary. Messi and Romero also share the same love for Barcelona.

However, some experts don’t like the idea of comparing Romero to the six-time Ballon d’Or winner. In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News, La Liga TV football expert Graham Hunter pointed out that it is unfair to label Romero as the “Mexican Messi,” given that the youngster has the capability of becoming a star in his own way.

Hunter also said he feels that nobody at Romero’s age should be compared to a legendary player like Messi as it is unfair for them to be burdened by it.

"Anybody worth their salt - as a fan or journalist - should not use the Messi comparison for anybody. To try and use it for a kid just because he has Argentine parents and because he's debuting at 15, is borderline cruel. We will not find out about his character until he is tested,” Hunter said of Romero-Messi comparisons.

"His [Romero] statistics in junior football for Mallorca are exceptional. He was scoring two or three a game. He's got that eye for goal that everybody treasures," he added.

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Another tenured personality also ripped the comparisons. Bernardo Romeo, a former Argentina national team and Mallorca player, is currently working as a coordinator of the Argentina youth teams. He also doesn’t like the Messi and Romero being compared to each other and even called it “stupid.”

“At times, the comparisons are stupid. Saying he’s the new Messi puts a lot of pressure on a 15-year-old kid that is growing and still being formed,” Romeo recently told Cultura del Gol (via Mundo Albiceleste).

Romero seems to be an exceptional talent. However, only time can tell whether the comparisons with Messi will be an advantage or a burden.