It was Lionel Messi again who shattered Manchester United’s dream of grabbing the Champions League trophy – he did it back in 2009 and he did it again today.

At the Wembley Stadium in London, England, two of Europe’s greatest soccer teams, Barcelona and Manchester United, collided head-to-head to claim the European title. The situation was similar to two years ago in 2009 - the team, the coach, the majority of the players, and even the outcome.

Two years ago, Manchester United was ready to write a new history of winning the Champions League title two years in a row, which no team has ever done since 1992 when the tournament took current format. However, they suffered an embarrassing 2-0 defeat against Barcelona at the final in Rome, allowing an early goal by Eto’o and then later a header by Messi. Today, Manchester United wanted a revenge, but Barcelona was too high of a hill to climb.

Barcelona had the first lead by Pedro’s goal in the 27th minute, but Wayne Rooney soon made it equal 7 minutes later. The first half ended with 1-1, still giving hope for Manchester United.

The hope, however, did not last long as Lionel Messi scored a stunning goal in the 9th minute of the second half. Manchester United defenders were helpless as Messi shot passed all the defenders just outside of the penalty box. This goal became the winning goal of the match.

Messi’s explosion did not stop there. Toward the end of the game, Messi disturbed Manchester defenders, and when the ball went to David Villa while Manchester United defenders were still confused, Villa scored the third goal for Barcelona and the final goal of the game.