• A Barcelona player also wants to play with Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • Barcelona player likes the idea of Neymar playing with Lionel Messi again
  • Barcelona allegedly isn't fair with other players

Lionel Messi’s teammate stated that he also wants to play with Cristiano Ronaldo and former Barcelona star Neymar.

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic is not one of the best players in Barcelona right now. However, he is one of the few teammates of Messi who can speak his mind.

Speaking to The Bleacher Report, Rakitic explained what it is like playing with Messi and how he would love Neymar to return to the team. He also revealed his thoughts about the transfer rumors and the possibility of playing with Messi’s long-time rival Ronaldo.

When asked how he feels about playing with Messi and if he considers him the GOAT, Rakitic replied, "Yes, just amazing to play with him and I think it's really special and if he is the GOAT, I think in every moment there was special players, for sure he was the best player in the last 15 year and in my opinion he is the best of all time and I think for me to play with him on the left side for the last six years was amazing."

He was also asked if he would prefer that Neymar returned Barca. "First of all I would like to have Neymar in my team for sure, he needs to decide what's best for him as he's my big friend and I want to see him happy and for sure when he is happy he is one of the best players in the world," he replied.

As for whether he would ever want to play with Ronaldo, he shared, "Of course, I would like he is also one of the biggest players in history, you really enjoy watching him and you see now what he's doing at Juventus and for me is one of the best players in history."

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will highlight a star-packed clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Saturday. Reuters

Despite being considered a fringe player for Barca, Rakitic is still affected by the current situation the club has been dealing with. A few weeks ago, the 31-year-old shared the things he doesn’t like in the club and Barcelona’s alleged unfair treatment of players.

According to Rakitic, he fully understands respect, but in Barcelona, players are “not allowed to enjoy.” He also emphasized that Barcelona has zero tolerance for anything that is not good for the club. In the process, there were times where they should just do what they have to do even without fully understanding it.

"In the end the best thing for the club has to be what is good. We must accept not to understand some things,” Rakitic revealed.