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Protestors demonstrate in Tahrir Square in Cairo/Reuters

4:54 pm: Is Mubarak inviting his own assassination?

4:52 pm: Mubarak is in complete denial: analyst. Mubarak uis a liability to Egypt.

4:50 pm: Crowd remains at Tahrir Square, unsure what will happen next.

4:45 pm: US Chinese-congressman sayd the word Egypt is entirely blocked on Chinese internet.

4:43 pm: The key to Egypt is the army, which is probably the only universally admired institution in Egypt.

4:42 pm: More deals wil likely be made over next few weeks/months to guarantee peaceful transition.

4:41 pm: Mubarak in denial over his legacy.

4:40 pm: Apparently, Mubaral followed request from the U.S., but he gave no other concessions.

4:34 pm: Mubarak's term does not expire until September.

4:33 pm: Street protests are likely to continue until Mubarak is forced out.

4:30 pm: 200 Egyptians have died during past week of rioting.

4:22 pm: Protesters booed Mubarak's speech. Protesters chanting revolution until death!

4:16 pm: Protesters screaming get out! get out! to Mubarak.

4:15 pm: Protesters seem more defiant. They won't accept anything less than immediate resignation.

4:11 pm: Mubarak also said he'll ask parliament to limit the number of terms politicians can hold.

4:10 pm: In speech, Mubarak exploted peoples' fear of lawlessness and anarchy.

4:09 pm: Protesters at Tahris Square are gravely disappointed that Mubarak i

Egypt's President Mubarak appears on Egyptian State TV from Cairo in this still image taken from video/Reuters

s not quitting, falls far short of their demands.

4:08 pm: Mubarak suggests he will not go into exile. Speech ends.

4:07 pm: Mubarak will survive this chaotic period. He is proud of his service as president. Egypt is his homeland. He will die on the soil of Egypt.

4:06 pm: Mubarak wants to arrest outlaws who were looters and arsonists during demonstrations.

4:05 pm: Mubarak said he will work will next government to fight for social justice and fighting poverty.

4:03 pm: Mubarak said he will end his career for the sake of nation. He will not run for president in next election. He will work for peaceful transition of power in remaining months of his term.

4:02 pm: Mubarak says his top priority is to restore security.

4:01 pm: Mubarak said some political forces are deaf and blind to current dilemma and refuse to negotiate.

4:00 pm: Mubarak said these have been painful days. He told his new VP to meet with opponents.

3:59 pm: Mubarak sais choice is between chaos or stability.

3:58 pm: Mubarak points out some took advantage of chaos to commit criminal acts (manipulated by political forces).

3:57 pm: Mubarak appears on TV. Egypt in a diffiuclt test, he says. Calls protesters honest youth and men.

3:48 pm: State TV showing pro-Mubarak demonstration.

A Muslim woman watches as protesters demonstrate in Tahrir Square in Cairo/Reuters

3:41 pm: This is a middle class revolution.

3:39 pm: Tunisia and Egypt will change the face of the Arab world.

3:36 pm: Protesters will be disappointed if Mubarak doesn't resign.

3:35 pm: Westerners among protestors in Cairo,

3:29 pm US White House press secretary also to speak soon on Egypt. Obama himself might speak.

3:26 pm: Egypt has vibrant social media/internet-savvy youth culture.

3:25 pm: Very cold weather tonight in Cairo,

3:23 pm: Great anticipation among people at Tahrir Sq.

3:09 pm: Nasser's son appeared at one of the protests today.

3:07 pm: Protesters chanting Oh freedom! Oh freedom! May God make it happen!

3:01 pm: Rallies across the world in support of Egyptian protesters.

3:00 pm: Have some shame, step down! Egyptian protesters are chanting.

2:59 pm: Egyptians make a big distinction between American people/pop culture and US govt. policy.

2:58 pm: Not clear if Mubarak himself will speak, or if a spokesman will stand in for him.

2:56 pm: Muslim Brotherhood has said it will not negitiate with Mubarak.

2:51 pm: Protestors feel momentum is on their side. Only Saudi and Israel have supported Mubarak.

2:49 pm: Egypt, 80-million strong, is most populous country in Arab world.

Protestor holds an anti-government placard during a demonstration in Tahrir Square in Cairo/Reuters

2:46 pm: Doubtful that a decision by Mubarak not to run for president will appease the protestors. Nothing short of resignation will satisfy the demonstrators.

2:41 pm: Egypt State TV reports Mubarak will speak shortly.

2:38 pm: Tahrir means liberation. Army not interfering in protests.
2:35 pm: Mubarak likely surrounds himself with yes-men. He is delusional.

2:32 pm: Historic, game-changing turnout by Egyptian people. Mubarak hasn't appeared yet.

2:31 pm: Protesters are calling tonight Night of Departure.

2:30 pm: Even conservative women are part of the crowd.

2:29 pm: Protests in many other Egyptian cities, including Alexandria, el-Arish and Suez.

2:28 pm: Women and children are part of protest group.

2:26 pm: Protesters seem to believe Mubarak's resignation or departure is imminent.

2:22 pm: Obama has told Mubarak that he should not run again for president, according to diplomatic sources.

2:20 pm: Interne access still limited in Egypt.

2:18 pm: Gathering in defiance of military curfew.

A youngster takes part in anti-government demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo/Reuters

2:15 pm: BBC reports Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq appears on Egyptian television without a shirt and tie - an unprecedented event. He says he is worried, but is confident that he can make the country stable again.

2:13 pm: Egypt finance minister has offered finance package. Atmosphere in Tahrir Square is festive.

2:12 pm: Demonstrators are also gathering in Alexandria and Suez.

2:11 pm: Reportedly, Mubarak will offer a solution to the ongoing crisis.

2:10 pm: 2-million people gathered in Tahrir Square.

2:08 pm: With so many Egyptians under the age of 30, they have never known any other leader except Mubarak.

Jordanian protester holds picture of late Egyptian President Abdel Nasser during a protest against Egypt's President Mubarak in front of the Egyptian embassy in Amman/Reuters

2:06 pm: Egyptian army has said they'll not use violence against demonstrators,

2:05 pm: About 2-million people are gathered in central Cairo.

2:03 pm: Hosni Mubarak is expected to speak to the Egypt public shortly. Al-Arabia news network has said that Mubarak will announce that he won't run for re-election.