• Paddy Pimblett blasts Watford for a shabby treatment in a match against Liverpool
  • Pimblett alleges he was cheering just like any other fan before being kicked out
  • The UFC fighter claims that he got his tickets from Ben Foster

UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett was in attendance at Vicarage Road during the Watford vs. Liverpool clash last Saturday, October 16.

Pimblett reportedly got some tickets from Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster. However, the mixed martial artist failed to finish the game after he was kicked out for allegedly celebrating Liverpool’s goals during the game, where the Reds eventually went on to win, 5-0.

On social media, the 26-year-old explained that all he did was jump up as a natural reaction and never really went over the top.

Pimblett claimed that he and his companions were treated like criminals as they were escorted out of the venue

Pimblett would later take to Instagram to air his disappointment, showing the video when he was ejected from Vicarage Road.

As expected, Watford fans did not take Pimblett’s social media post lightly.

Making matters worse for Pimblett is that he was also kicked out of a local pub. It turned out that the establishment was purely dedicated to Watford supporters, Talk Sport reported.

“Been kicked out of the match for celebrating and now we’ve been kicked out of the boozer by stewards because it is a home boozer,” Pimblett said.

As for Foster, it was a tough afternoon for the English player as he tried to hold off the attacks of Liverpool.

But of all the players on the Liverpool side, the 38-year-old shot-stopper admitted that it was Mohamed Salah who worried him the most.

“Seeing that up close and personal against Liverpool, I wouldn't disagree with Klopp's assessment that he is one of the best players in the world at the moment,” Foster stated.

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool sees a chance saved by Ben Foster of Watford Mohamed Salah of Liverpool sees a chance saved by Ben Foster of Watford Photo: Getty Images | Justin Setterfield