London Closing Ceremonies
After a venerable and joyous games, London revs up for the closing ceremonies Sunday at 4pm EST (9pm BST). Reuters

After weeks of thrilling events coming to an end, the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony is about to get underway as topline British music stars prepare to pay tribute to their country's musical achievements at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday.

NBC will televise the closing ceremony on tape delay in the U.S., but it will also be streamed live online here.

The host city's Olympic Committee tried to keep the headlining performers under wraps, but so far performances by the Spice Girls and The Who can be expected according to The National Post. The Who are used to such spectacles, as the famed British band performed the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

The opening hour is entitled "A Symphony of British Music", which will be a medley of British music over the past 50 years. Acts like George Michael, Annie Lennox and Fatboy Slim are speculated to join but there has not been an official confirmation.

The ceremony's musical director David Arnold told The Guardian he envisions the ultimate "after-party."

"The real show is the Olympics, the sport," Arnold said. "It's always been a blessing to have this job of putting on an aftershow party after the main event. I want it to be fun, I want it to be colourful."

A portion of the ceremony involves London extinguishing the Olympic Torch and passing the honorable duties on to the next host city of the summer games, Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

London has received much praise for their hosting duties.The execution went so smoothly a new survey found 71 percent of Brits want London mayor Boris Johnson to be their next prime minister.

The city already has future plans for six of the eight facilities it built for the games.

While bright music superstars will close the ceremony, the Olympic Games were highlighted by Usain Bolt and the dominance of the U.S. that was nearly toppled by China.

The U.S. nailed down 100 medals to China's 85 thus far, but was down for most of the games until later in the second week of competition thanks in large part to the track and field competitions.

Bolt electrified crowds around the globe with his legendary performances in the 100, 200 and 4x100 meter events.

"You can stop talking now," Bolt said to the New York Daily News. "I'm a legend, the greatest."