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The gig culture is a whopping $1.2 trillion industry that has been growing at a fast rate since the onset of the pandemic-induced work-from-home culture. Reportedly, millions joined the freelance workforce in 2020, including those with full-time jobs.

While the pandemic played a huge role in this record-breaking move, the freelancing industry was growing at a fast pace even before the pandemic - and for various reasons, including flexible schedules, extra income, and the scope to work on projects that align with people's personal interests.

A Statista survey estimated that there would be 67.6 million people freelancing by the end of 2021 and the number is expected to reach beyond 90 million in 2028, which would be more than half of the U.S. workforce. With so many people looking for side-hustles and the ever-increasing number of freelancing platforms, however, it could become tedious to find legit jobs that actually pay on time and let you create your own schedule.

Introducing the Steady App

Steady is a lightweight app that helps you find a variety of opportunities that range from freelance to full-time gigs in just a few clicks. Steady, as the name goes, has designed an online environment to nourish the overall financial well-being of its users. They help you find a wide array of legit jobs, track income and progress, and offer income boosters along with emergency cash grants to those who need it the most.

When you download the app and sign up with your basic details, you may enter the zip code to immediately browse through the side gigs available for you.

What Type of Jobs Can You Expect on Steady?

Steady strives to bring you work opportunities that align with your skills and goals. You may create a customized work profile with details like the kind of job you are looking for, desired hours, expected pay rate, location, language proficiency, and experience. This will help Steady zero in on the side gigs, part-time jobs, and traditional full-time opportunities that might suit you.

Once your work profile is complete, you may come across jobs that pay beyond $20 an hour, offer flexible timing, or something that aligns perfectly with your passion. When you click on a job offer, you can then learn about the timings, pay, and other requirements.

Freelancers interested in creative and media industries or information technology could bump into countless opportunities that include content writing, coding, tutoring, voice acting, online surveys, transcriptions, community moderating, and graphic design. Steady could also point you towards legit freelancing platforms where you may explore more opportunities.

Part-time and full-time opportunities mostly revolve around hospitality, customer service, retail sales, child care, and personal assistance. Steady claims that their members earn an average of $5,500 of extra income annually from their app. To calculate average savings, Steady considered the earnings of the members who linked their bank accounts and had data for six months following bank linking as of March 31, 2020 and compared them to their income three months prior to registration.

Income Tracker and Cash Incentives

When you find a gig you like on Steady, applying could lead you to a third-party page of the employer. If you get the job, you can then opt to end your activity on Steady if you wish. However, if you are working on multiple gigs that you found through the app, it might help to use Steady's income tracker to accurately track total income, working hours, and income trends.

Furthermore, filing taxes as a freelancer can be confusing. You could end up paying more than you need to. It also involves extra work like keeping receipts of expenses and invoice records for payments received so that tax preparers could help file taxes accurately. Steady's income tracker might come in handy here, as well. To use the income tracker feature, you will have to link your bank account securely through their encrypted online channel. From there, Steady will display relevant earning data on your app dashboard for accurate tracking.

As mentioned earlier, Steady attempts to look after the overall financial wellbeing of their members. They even go the extra mile to offer cash incentives, which they call income boosters. These income boosters are hand-picked options that Steady offers through their trusted partners to uplift the financial health of their members.

You could get bonuses for simply installing or registering a third-party product or service, or avail of discounts when purchasing from popular vendors. You might also be presented with services that could help you save money on insurance, find extra tax savings, or receive bonuses on ridesharing. Steady states that their income boosters have directly paid over $5 million to its members.

In collaboration with The Workers Lab, Steady has distributed over $4 million in emergency cash grants directly to individuals who were severely affected by income losses, as well. Since their inception in 2017, Steady has offered over 19 million opportunities to earn on the app with over 5.4 million income opportunities that matched with members. Currently, the evolving app has over three million members and has secured a total funding of $29.5 million over the years with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal on the board as an investor and advisor.

Create an income stream on the Steady app here.


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