LA Olympics
Los Angeles launched a new video promoting its bid for the 2024 Olympics. The above photo from Aug. 31, 2015, shows an entrance to the Los Angeles Coliseum, which played host to the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics. AFP/ Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

The organizers behind the Los Angeles bid for the 2024 Olympics released a video Monday promoting the city as the "western capital of the U.S., the northern capital of Latin America and the eastern capital of the Pacific Rim." The promotional video pushes Los Angeles as a hub of diverse, motivated people.

The video, running a bit longer than one minute, features sweeping views of Los Angeles, images of iconic landmarks and shots of people enjoying the city. The ad is silent, except for Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" playing throughout the entire minute, but has a steady stream of text describing its vision of L.A. While claiming the city as integral to the western United States, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, the text reads that Los Angeles is "a city made of 100 nations." The city, which hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984, is home to "18 million hard-dreaming people,” the text reads.

"Hosting the Games in Los Angeles would give our city the chance to show the world how much has changed in 40 years. Los Angeles is the most diverse city on earth," said Mayor Eric Garcetti in a statement posted to the big organization's website.

The numbers show L.A. does boast great diversity, and an especially large Latin American community. The city is 48.5 percent Hispanic or Latino, 11.3 percent Asian and 9.6 percent black or African-American, according to census data. For context, New York City is 18.4 percent Hispanic or Latino, 8.2 percent Asian and 17.5 percent black or African-American, according to census data.

L.A. is up against Paris; Rome; Hamburg, Germany; and Budapest, Hungary, in the race to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Garcetti was quick to praise his city's bid and the effect it would have on Los Angeles.

"This bid is a bold vision for an innovative, sustainable and inspiring Los Angeles 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games that will benefit our community, the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Movement," he said in a statement. "We have a lot of work ahead, but we are excited with the opportunity to bring the world’s greatest sporting event back to our great city."

Los Angeles stepped in as the proposed United States host city after Boston had its bid terminated amid concerns from taxpayers about the cost of hosting and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's refusal to sign a contract before learning more about the budget.

Los Angeles cleared a major hurdle toward hosting at the beginning of September when its City Council approved Garcetti's plan to move forward with the bid for the 2024 games and cleared about $6 billion in public funds for the project.

The International Olympic committee is scheduled to pick the host city in September 2017.