When Facebook (FB) rolled out its Facebook Dating app, seemingly all intentions were to unite singles in their quest for love. But the social media platform may have overlooked a few key aspects that may make it easier to cheat on a significant other than previously thought.

One of the features that enable users to dupe others into thinking they are single is their relationship status. Facebook Dating removes a user’s existing relationship status, allowing them to look for love with another without their partner realizing they have begun a search.

While a user’s regular Facebook profile will list them as “married” or “in a relationship,” Facebook Dating removes this content so that potential matches don’t see it or their partner isn’t aware they are cheating either.

Those that are worried that they may be caught by friends may be surprised to find that Facebook Dating does not pair users with their existing friends, making it relatively easy to use the app without connecting to a friend that may reveal a user’s intentions to a spouse or partner.

"Your Facebook friends won't know you're using Dating unless you choose to tell them," Facebook Dating said on the FAQ page of its website. "Your current Facebook friends will never be suggested as matches, and you can choose whether you want friends of your Facebook friends suggested as matches — or if you'd prefer to match with people outside your friends of friends."

Facebook Dating is an opt-in app that pairs potential singles with love matches based on interests, Facebook activity, and preferences. It allows for a match to “like” or “pass” on the users that that app has suggested might make a good date or users can message these matches to start the dating process.

Facebook will let users block background tracking on Android phones. A man holds a smartphone with the logo of social network Facebook on Jan. 15, 2019 in Nantes, western France. Lois Venance/Getty Images