• A man in India died after he was allegedly attacked by his former best friend and six unidentified people Friday
  • The man's family said the ex-friend allegedly hit the victim on the head with a sickle
  • The killing was allegedly caused by the two former friends' rivalry over a woman

A man from the Indian state of Gujarat was allegedly killed by his former best friend last week over a woman.

The victim, identified as Satish Vasava, was stopped near the village of Nava Tariya in Ankleshwar Friday by his former friend, Rakesh Vasava, and six other unidentified people, The Times of India first reported, citing Satish's family.

Rakesh and his companions, who were not named in the report, allegedly attacked Satish and his nephew, Kishan, while they were out doing errands.

The nephew told police that the group allegedly hit his uncle in the head with a sickle, but he was able to flee from the scene before they could attack him as well.

Kishan later returned with other family members and discovered his uncle lying unconscious in a pool of blood, as per The Times of India. Satish was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead before admission.

According to police, Satish and Rakesh had been best friends until a year ago. Their friendship reportedly turned soured after the latter became involved with Satish's ex-girlfriend, a nurse named Divya Vasava.

Rakesh got into a relationship with Divya after the nurse broke up with Satish, allegedly causing the two men to sever ties and fight over petty issues, police said.

It was not mentioned in the report whether Rakesh and the other suspects have been arrested in connection with Satish's death.

A similar incident happened in Seattle, Washington, nearly a year ago when a 38-year-old man was accused of fatally stabbing his friend because of the attention the man's girlfriend was allegedly giving the victim.

Sherwilliam Villar was charged with second-degree murder by King County prosecutors in the death of his 27-year-old friend, Madison Johnson, in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood in September 2020.

"In this case, the defendant became angry and jealous when he perceived that his girlfriend was paying too much attention to the victim, who was their mutual friend," senior deputy prosecutor Jennifer Petersen wrote in the charges.

Additionally, Peterson noted that the stabbing had been "incredibly violent and seemingly unprovoked."

Representation. Satish Vasava was killed by his former best friend because of their rivalry over one woman, police said. Pixabay