Mohamed Nur is being charged for the death of a woman from Brixton who founded a charity foundation. pixabay


  • The 33-year-old man faces multiple charges for separate knifing incidents in London
  • A victim was on her way home to join her family in a birthday celebration when she was attacked
  • The suspect allegedly carried out several knife attacks within three days

A 33-year-old man in the U.K. has been arrested and charged after he allegedly killed a woman and injured three others in separate incidents that took place within a period of three days.

The suspect, identified as Mohamed Nur, was arrested Tuesday and will appear in Croydon Magistrates' Court Friday to face charges related to the murder of a 31-year-old woman identified as Johanita Kossiwa Dogbey in London, Sky News reported.

Dogbey was found with fatal knife wounds in Stockwell Park Walk, Brixton, Monday. Responders tried to revive the woman but failed. She was pronounced dead just before 5 p.m. that day.

Nur was also charged with three counts of causing grievous bodily harm after he allegedly left two women and a man with slash injuries in separate incidents in Brixton within a one-hour period Saturday.

Nur, of Bondway in Vauxhall, south London, was also charged with two counts of possession of an offensive weapon in connection with the attacks.

According to police reports, Dogbeywas walking alone when she was approached from behind and attacked by someone authorities believe was unknown to her.

Dogbey was on her way home at the time, carrying a gift for her mother's birthday celebration. She lived with her mother, father, brother and sister.

"I was with her dad at the crime scene. He said his daughter had gone to buy a present for her mother and was on her way home," a neighbor, who was not named, told the Evening Standard.

"She was on the phone to her grandmother when she was attacked. The grandmother heard a terrible scream and then the phone dropped. The grandmother phoned the dad who then tried to call his daughter's number but got no answer," the neighbor continued.

Dogbey's family paid tribute to her via a statement released by police, describing her as a smart, dedicated and loving person who was always ready to help, according to The Mirror.

"She hasn't got one bad bone in her body. She wouldn't hurt a fly. We can't believe a senseless crime like this has happened as we can't imagine who would do this to her," her family said.

"Our hearts are completely broken and will not understand why someone would take our beautiful girl away from us. She will forever be in our hearts as we will carry on living life as gracefully and beautifully as she did," they continued.

Dogbey was the founder of the Odette Foundation, a charity that worked with people suffering from sickle cell in Ghana and Togo.

"She really was a good person," a colleague at the foundation told the Evening Standard. "I'm working behind the scenes and on the social media of the charity. I'm not sure how I will ever be able to continue without her."

Two days before Dogbey's stabbing death, Nur allegedly attacked a man and two women in separate incidents in Brixton, The Sun reported.

"The two women and a man suffered slash injuries in separate incidents in Town Hall Parade, Brixton Road and Acre Lane in Brixton, that happened within a one-hour period on Saturday," the Metropolitan Police stated.

No other detail about the incidents, including the current conditions of the victims, has been disclosed as of this writing.

A knife
A 33-year-old man has been arrested for knifing multiple people in a span of days in Brixton. SteveRaubenstine/Pixabay