An expectant father fatally stabbed his girlfriend with a pair of scissors because he didn't want "any more children," a court in England heard Monday.

Ioan Campeanu, 44, killed his girlfriend, 28-year-old Andra Hilitanu, and their unborn child at their home in north-west London in May. Police found the body in the bathroom with multiple wounds in the chest and neck after Campeanu called 999 and said, “She’s dead, I killed her.” He also added that he fatally stabbed her with scissors. 

Prosecutor Brian O’Neill said the officers were “struck” by how relaxed Campenau looked while he led them into the home, Independent reported. Earlier that evening, the couple’s neighbor had complained to their landlord that he could hear them screaming and fighting.

The prosecutor said Campeanu phoned their adult daughter and said he had “got rid of her”. His daughter said the two were “heavy abusers of Class A drugs” which she said were making her father “confused and destroying him.” She also said her father had previously told her he "had not wanted any more children."

The prosecutor also said one of Hilitanu’s cousins said the couple had “difficult relationship” and that they had seen Campeanu kicking her in the groin and telling her “I’ll kill you Andra, I’ll eat your flesh."

“No one else other than this defendant could have killed Andra, it being his final act of brutality against her after months and years of violence. He attacked her and their unborn child, plunging a pair of scissors into her neck and leaving them both to die as he went for a drive,” the prosecutor told the court.

The case continues in the court.

crime scene A man fatally stabbed his girlfriend with a pair of scissors because he “had not wanted any more children." In this image, community support officers stand guard at an address in Elstead House where police are investigating a stabbing incident in Brixton, London, July 30, 2013. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In a similar incident in October, a man killed a woman and her 10-year-old son in Florida after an argument over changing a television channel.

Tyrone Terell Johnson called 911 and informed them that he shot two people after they attacked him. Police found the woman, his live-in girlfriend, and the boy dead from apparent gunshot wounds. He was immediately taken into custody.

Court documents said the two had a verbal fight when he changed the television channel. He then went to the bedroom to pack his belongings to leave. He, however, found it difficult to walk as he had injured his leg. His girlfriend followed him and continued the fight. His girlfriend pushed him off his knee roller and he fell down on the floor.

Her son, who was not his biological child, entered the room and accused him of assaulting his mother. He then pushed the child, armed himself with a handgun, and fatally shot both of them.

He was charged with first-degree felony murder, second-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and shooting into or within a building.