• Villarreal's Pau Torres addresses transfer rumors
  • Torres has been on Manchester United's radar
  • The Spanish defender has been receiving rave reviews

A promising star linked to Manchester United has hinted at the possibility of considering a transfer move away from his current club.

In a recent interview with Spanish outlet Sport, Villarreal defender Pau Torres finally addressed the rumors linking his name to an array of top European clubs.

According to Torres, he has been consulting several players about the idea of a future transfer while also assuring that at the moment, he is 100% committed to Villarreal.

“Players who have gone through important clubs, when they talk about an experience they have had, I like to listen to them, both Paco Alcacer and Raul Albiol or Alberto Moreno,” Torres revealed. “They tell you things that you have not yet experienced and that you think you would like to experience.”

“It is a pride to see that your work is reflected in this type of thing [transfer] that is spoken, but I face it with great tranquility,” he added. “I am in a great club like Villarreal and from the tranquility I work every day. I’m not thinking about that [transfer] either. There is still a lot ahead of me and my short-term goals are the European semi-final and then to be available for Spain.”

“Right now I have a contract (until 2024) and I know that I still have room for improvement. I know that I am in a club where they will treat me well. I will not lack anything and that is very important to me.”

Torres has been on Manchester United’s radar for weeks now. The 24-year-old earlier revealed that he has been studying different languages, including English, suggesting that he could be preparing for a move to the English Premier League.

In the past two seasons, Torres has become a regular in Villarreal, having not started in only one game since 2019.

His remarkable performances didn’t go unnoticed as Villarreal manager Unai Emery already envisions him playing for top clubs around the world.

"Pau Torres is an amazing player--I think he’s top [player]," Emery told in January. "I've been a coach in Sevilla, PSG, Arsenal, and I’ve never seen a center-back like Pau Torres.”

"I think he’s going to play at the highest le,” he continued. He’s playing now in the national team, but he can play in the top teams in Europe very soon.”

Aside from Emery, Villarreal midfielder Vicente Iborra is also pleased to have Torres in the team.

“We have enjoyed him and help him to give us the maximum because he is a great player,” Iborra told El Transistor last year. “Pau is a player with a great present and a great future and, as a team-mate and friend, I wish him the best because he deserves it.”

“He has everything to succeed, a well-furnished head and a lot of talent. He can go where he wants.”

Unai Emery is targeting Europa League glory with Villarreal after winning the trophy three times at Sevilla
Unai Emery is targeting Europa League glory with Villarreal after winning the trophy three times at Sevilla AFP / JOSE JORDAN