• Redknapp terms Fernandes' shoot on sight approach 'greedy' 
  • The former midfielder says Fernandes could frustrate other forwards during a match
  • Fernandes recently scored in Man Utd's 1-1 vs. Spurs

Former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp has insisted that Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford and other forwards will get “frustrated” with “greedy” Bruno Fernandes on a game day.

Redknapp is a huge admirer of Fernandes, who arrived from Sporting Lisbon to Old Trafford during the January transfer window. Even though Fernandes has been following the footsteps of compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, Redknapp has compared the young midfielder to legendary Frank Lampard saying Fernandes can also rack up goals in the Premier League.

While Redknapp hailed Fernandes’ ability to shoot from any angle, he also termed his approach of “shoot on sight” greedy and has warned that it could annoy his teammates during a match.

“My advice to any young, aspiring midfielders out there would be to study Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes: Look at how he strikes the ball when shooting from distance. Look at how he creates such a dip and swerve that it makes his shots more difficult to stop. It is not conventional, and it is not a fluke. It is done by design to bamboozle the goalkeeper,” Redknapp told Daily Mail.

Fernandes, who recently scored in Man Utd’s 1-1 against Tottenham, now has netted 10 goals in 10 appearances for the Red Devils so far this season, including three in the Premier League.

Speaking further about Fernandes’ approach of scoring, Redknapp has said Frank Lampard, who scored 211 goals for 648 Chelsea appearances, was the same during his playing days.

“The instant Fernandes gets the ball, he does not delay and he does not look sideways, either. He instead looks at how he can create an immediate goalscoring opportunity or, even better, shoot himself."

"Frank Lampard was the same, and that is largely why the now Chelsea manager holds the record as the top-scoring midfielder in Premier League history. It comes with a lot of practice and repetition on the training pitch. Half a yard, shoot. Half a yard, shoot. Half a yard, shoot,” Redknapp, who scored 30 goals for Liverpool in 237 games, added.

Spot on: Bruno Fernandes scored Manchester United's equaliser
Spot on: Bruno Fernandes scored Manchester United's equaliser POOL / Glyn KIRK

The 46-year-old midfielder, who is currently a soccer pundit on Sky Sports, also explained that even though Fernandes’ approach may look “greedy”, it will pay off in the long run.

“It might frustrate your forwards on game day. Maybe there will be times when Marcus Rashford says he was in a better position and should have been played in. Maybe Fernandes will be accused of greediness on the odd occasion. But it will be worth it for his goal return. In 2018-19, Fernandes’ last full season for Sporting Lisbon, he got 32 goals and 18 assists in 53 games."

"That is what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants from him now. United want those numbers, and they want to see a fruitful partnership form with Paul Pogba,” Redknapp said.