A Brazilian-American drunk woman from Manhattan threw tantrums aboard a plane from Brazil to New York and had been arrested for biting at least three flight attendants during her travel.

On Nov. 27, the 40-year-old Ires Alves Pereira punched her co-passenger sitting next to her in the face during the airborne international flight before she turned on to the attendants who tried to calm her down.

According to a report in the New York Post, Pereira created a ruckus on the flight and went on hitting, kicking, and biting the flight attendants. Even after they repeatedly tried to bring the drunkard woman under control, they just failed and the woman somehow managed to break another passenger’s glasses.

Eventually, with the help of co-passengers, the flight attendants were able to control the drunk lady and strapped her to a seat for the rest of the journey.

Pereira, who owns a dual citizenship of both America and Brazil, appeared in court Wednesday. She was charged with a case of assault and other charges. However, the court released her on $100,000 bond.

Pereira thanked the federal agents for sandwiches they provided her while she was in custody. While leaving the court, she said to the agents, “Thank you for the sandwiches, I love bacon. You picked the right one.”

In another incident, last year an angry female passenger created a ruckus on board in an Air Macau flight bound for Macau. The flight was at the runway in Chengdu airport, preparing to take off but this woman forced the plane get off the runway and return to its gate. The woman was furious because the flight attendants did not allow her to pay some extra money to upgrade to first-class. The pilot was forced to call the police, who escorted the woman off the flight.

However, these are not isolated cases. There have been many instances where passengers have thrown tantrums on board and created problems for the rest. In May 2016, on a Frontier Airlines flight, a woman was seen kicking, screaming, and throwing a fit of temper in front of the cockpit. She was also heard talking about death. Later, with her erratic behavior, she stripped herself naked which in turn forced the airplane to return to the gates before takeoff.